2017 Harvest

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New gardening year, new seed madness

Year 2015 was very disappointing.
After a very poor winter our soil turned into concrete. Growing vegetables was very hard and almost impossible. Our problems didn't end here, animals ate the vegetables that survived poor weather and combined with all the family troubles past year was a year we'd like to forget quickly.
I'm hoping this new gardening year will be better.

This winter was very poor. We did get some cold weather with morning temperatures below 0°C but there was very little rain. We had only 5 days of snow and this snow was in very small amount. Rain was almost invisible until last week when we finally got nice amount. The temperatures were low enough to freeze upper layer of soil and there was no heavy snow so the soil should be ok for planting, but frost time wasn't long enough so we'll probably have bug infestation this year.

Right now while I should start my gardening work and trim fruits we keep getting rain and I can't get in the orchard. So while I wait I decided to start sowing my seedlings. Like past few years I'm up to my nose in seeds.
This winter my central heating broke, so instead of repairing it which would cost too much we decided to heat our house using wood. Prices of gas in Croatia are just too high. Every month we spent 500€ on gas bill just to heat the house to the temperature of 18°C. Considering the average wage in Croatia is below 1000€ ,that's just too much. So we decided to go back on wood heating. 10m3 of wood cost around 300€ and this is enough to heat the house whole winter. After years of being careful about the house temperature this is the first year we enjoy spending time in house in summer clothes and don't spend a fortune.

This heating problems changed a bit my sowing schedule and habits. Usually I'd keep my seeds on top of radiators until they would germinate but now there's no use in that so I had to come up with another way to heat my seedlings. So I decided to fill my bedroom with my seed containers. I placed all my containers around the furnace. My room looks like a huge storage room but at least my seeds will have ideal temperature for germination.

So far I've sown my peppers (Sweet banana, Edesalma, Boni, mix of bell peppers and Elephantormany)
and chilly peppers (Kecskeszarv, Red basket, De Arbol, Aji lemon, Naga morich, peter pepper, Bishops crown, Rawit red, Cayene purple, Naga jolokia, Piri piri, Pasilla bajio and Habanero)

33 flower varieties that need longer time to germinate

Lettuces (Quattro stagioni, webbs, vegorka, Zagrebačka, Batavia, Hrastov list, Simpsons, Komatsuna, chicory, All year round, Cimmarion) and onions (Tokyo, Ishikura and Welsh).
This year I'm also trying to sow and grow Rhubarb Glaskins, Violetta eggplants, Strawberry blite and Tomatillo.

Like always while I sow my little pests keep me company. Past few days were very windy so Nero decided to stay closer to the house, no wind there.

Srećko, yes Gizmo has a new name which means Happy in Croatian, likes to be closer to me. We decided that he's staying here. He got a new name, new chip, his vaccinations and now he's my dog.
He doesn't care if his little bum gets frozen in cold wind as long as he is close to me. So I had to throw him some old coat I found in the garage so he wouldn't freeze.
I guess this will be an everyday sight now that the seedlings season started.

 Next few days I'm starting my orchard cleaning...if the weather will allow me to work.