Monday, May 18, 2020

Finally a long expected rain period

The beginning of May finally brought us the rain we were hoping for the past 4 months. The amount wasn't too huge, around 40mm, but it has been raining for 6 days out of 15 so the soil got wet enough and the plants are thriving. 

Almost all of the vegetables that I've sown are out, except for the cucumbers which are still in the ground but I'm hoping they will soon be out. 
The biggest disappointment this year is tomatoes, after all the trouble this year I'll have only 20 tomato plants. 

The rest of the free space I've used to sow more cucumbers and beans. 

Peas are all out and I've covered them for the first time. The difference between the two varieties of peas is noticeable. Again I forgot to write which variety I've sown on which bed and now I have no idea which is which. 

The lettuce I've sown in the late autumn will soon be ready for harvest. I've sown some more on the same spot, trying to use the sunny position before the July sun starts burning this half of the garden and turning all the lettuce in flowers.

Garlic will also be soon ready for harvest. Today I've covered it with soil and in a couple of weeks, I'll start harvesting.

Together with the garlic, there are some baby plants that I have no idea what they are. I think they could be poppies but they are too small to tell. I left all of them to see. If they are poppies this year I'll have a poppy field. 

The only thing unattended right now is the beans. I haven't touched them since I've sown them so there are lots of weed around them. I will be cleaning the beds soon, but I'm waiting for the plants to get a bit bigger and firmer. Just to be sure I don't pull out some while pulling out the weeds.

The rest of the garden is cleaned, covered, dag, and weed-free. Now, all that's left is wait for the plants to continue growing and to keep on battling the weeds every couple of days. 

Monday, May 4, 2020

Growing garden

Although the lack of rain this month has been terrible my garden did benefit from the few waterings we did over the weeks and everything I've sown has germinated and is growing nicely.
Garlic and carrots are on the sunniest part of the garden, but they have started coming out. The parsnip and parsley are still very tiny but carrots are a nice size and next week I should dig them. 

Peas are also out, most of them germinated, there are few empty spaces in the rows, but I'm still not sure if the bugs have eaten them or I just buried the seeds deeper so they need more time to grow out. 

Lettuce and radishes are also out. I've sown them densely and will need to pull some out, but it's better this way because the bugs have no mercy and they gobble up 80% of my lettuce seeds each year. 

Chard is growing nicely and grew out the first of all the vegetables. This year I've sown lots of it because it's getting more and more expensive each year and I'm hoping I will be able to store enough for the whole winter. 

The bush beans I've sown 7 days ago are still not out, but they have started to germinate and they should be out in a couple of days. The rest of the vegetables will still need some time as they were sown past week.