2017 Harvest

Thursday, October 20, 2016

What do to when it's raining? Upcycle old sofa cushion

Rain and cold have been keeping us in the house since Monday. There is not much to do right now, except for usual housework so I'm trying to keep myself busy with new little projects.

My dogs also hate this kind of weather. Srecko spends his days on my bed, but also he likes to sleep under my desk while I work. I was trying to find a solution to keep him from sleeping on the floor and finally few days ago I came up with a solution. I had some leftover sofa cushions that I wasn't using. I found one that was perfect size and Srecko seemed to like it. But my little devil started chewing his new bed so I had to do something to stop him from ruining it. I found a piece of fabric I had stored in my wardrobe and decided to fix his new bed.

After removing the old cover, I placed new protective fabric over the foam, then fixed the old cover and dressed it in new cover. I though about throwing the old cover but Srecko likes to chew everything that is soft and spongy so leaving the old one seemed like a good idea, just to make his job harder.

New cushion was placed back in the place of the old one and it looked good under the table.

But it seems that Srecko doesn't like it. He sniffed whole bed, gave me an angry look and left. He wasn't on it since. I'm hoping he will return to the bed when he stops being so angry at me :D

Monday, October 17, 2016

Deep digging time

It's surprising how this gardening year came to the end so fast.
Gardening in this part of Croatia is very limited. As soon as the first morning frost and fogs come we have to start deep digging and prepare the garden for winter. The closer we get to December the worst the weather gets and by the time New year comes it's too cold and often with too much snow to even enter the garden.
This year wasn't so great. Our summer was far below average, low temperature and lots of rain. Some would say that is great but not for us. Because we have a very limited growing season our vegetables need a lot of sun to mature or we won't get any fruits.
This year was great for beans, we got lots of them, cooler weather and rain made them produce more fruits and kept them healthy whole summer.

For other vegetables situation was not so great. I had only one tomato harvest and got very small amounts. Lack of warm weather changed the taste of my tomatoes, every single tomato is sour this year. The ones that have long period of growth didn't even ripe. I had to collect them green because we already had our first frost days. Bad summer is visible on my poles too. They are covered in different mushrooms that are even growing out of my laces.

Cucumbers produced ok. I got enough to store for winter but comparing to other years they also had less success. Also in September my cucumbers got infected by powdery mildew and since I don't treat my vegetables against it in matter of days whole net withered and died.

Excess of water is also visible in orchard fruits. Quinces that are usually the most healthy fruits in my orchard are all rotting even while they are still on the tree. Apples are very small and sour and grapes have mostly been infected with blight and mildew except for one variety that I have which is resistant to all diseases.

I haven't managed to get many seeds for next year. Out of all my plants I gathered some cyclanthera, aster and one cherry tomato variety. I still have some millet and amaranth drying and I'm hoping this seeds will be good. the rest of the seeds were rotten even before they were dry. The best example is Ipomea, I couldn't find a single healthy seed pod in whole vine.

There are still come cabbages and carrots in the garden but I don't think I will have a good harvest there. Carrots are still too small and I'm thinking about leaving them in the soil and just deep digging them. Pulling them out seems like too much work for nothing.

I managed to do some deep digging past week although the rain is making my gardening a living hell.
Deep digging is something I absolutely hate, but it is something that has to be done. The problem with deep digging in steep garden is that while you are on the bottom it seems like you did huge work and when you get up you get disappointed. Until half of the garden is done it seems like you didn't do anything.

I didn't do any more work because we had a very rainy weekend, which also means until the soil dries deep digging is not possible. Even before this rain the soil was very moist and sticky and after this week it will take a long time to dry.