2017 Harvest

Thursday, October 9, 2014

bye bye vegetables, hello deep digging!

October is here, in my garden that means plants are going out and soil is being prepared for next year.
This summer was very specific. Most of the August and September I spent looking at my garden from my balcony.

It has been to wet even Nero wasn't allowed to run in the garden.

 The rain destroyed most of my vegetables so in September all that was left to harvest were some carrots and  some beans.

But last week after harvesting them too my garden was left almost completely empty.
Only things that are left are some chili peppers and my zucchinis.

That is why I decided to start with my deep digging preparation. I needed to clean my beds from all the old plants, remove cucumber nets and pull out the grass.

This is the first time I had to do this. Usually after harvest I just left my bean and potato beds like they are and after deep digging they were clean. Because of all the rain we got this year my potato and bean beds turned into a meadow in only one month.

I had to pull out as much grass as I could. This caused my compost pit to be completely full. Usually it takes at least 3 years to fill it and this year I don't have enough room for grass.
All the grass and moist brought new friends to my garden.
Meet Đuro!!

She's a new friend that came to me while I was pulling out my grass. He seemed very interested in what I'm doing. He stayed next to me until I finished all my work and then just jumped in the orchard finding something more interesting to watch.

After removing all the grass my garden is finally ready for deep digging.

I've started today. Finished one bed today, 9 more to go.

Our weather is again being funny so today we have 27°C. I don't remember if I've ever been digging on so high temperatures. I was completely wet.
Well at least this heat will help and dry my soil. Hope it doesn't dry it too much.