2017 Harvest

Friday, June 27, 2014

June flowers

This June has been very rainy and my flowers love it. Last year I planted lots of new flower seedlings and they are slowly growing and giving me first flowers. So now I have new:

Echinacea angustifolia

Gaillardia pulchella

One Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) was planted 3 years ago and this year we 6 big bushes of new sages.

There are also some annual plants:
Sweet pea
Corncockle(Agrostemma githago)
Dwarf Morning glory(Convolvulus tricolor)
Blue morning glory

I can't show photos of Ipomea without showing the progress of my Ipomea wall. It's growing like mad. It seems to like it's barrel. A week ago it was still covering the window and it had only pale pink flowers.

This week I had to make it new nets for climbing so he could cover the rest of the wall.

Since we had floods there is enormous amount of mosquitoes this year so I had to install a thick drape. Luckily my window frame is made out from wood so I just used thumbtacks to cover the window with drape.

Now I can have my window opened whole night. I found another great thing about my Ipomea wall. I can have my window opened even when it's raining. Leaves are big enough to prevent rain from falling inside the house.

There are also starting to appear flowers in different colors. So now I have blue and purple ones too.

I also have new roses. Well actually I have 3 identical new roses.
Last year my mum got a pot of mini red roses and she replanted them to the garden.
We thought since they are small they will stay small and they would look good with the rest of the flowers.
Well...they look good. But they aren't small...or bushy...or red

 Out of that 3 mini red roses that where in the pot grew 3 normal sized pink roses.

Flowers are normal size and smell beautiful.
Maybe it's not what we wanted but it's still pretty.

Talking about pink there is another pink flower in my garden that should have been blue.
Few years ago we planted our Hydrangea in the shady part of the garden. Since I'm crazy about blue and purple colors I wanted it to be blue. So we listened to stories that were told in gardening groups how Hydrangea will turn blue if you put something made out of iron next to it. Well we planted it in iron barrel(there can't be too much iron right). Well guess what...it didn't work. It's still pink.

 But it seems to like it here. Flower heads are the size of a grown mans hand and there are dozens of them.

Another pink flower in my garden is Lupinus.

Although it's pale pink and I wanted purple one I'm really proud of him. The reason is simple. This is the first Lupine we managed to grow in our garden.
We tried with seedlings. They never survived winter, now we tried growing our own lupine from seed. We sowed them in full sun, part-sun, shade, in clay, sand, in dry places, in moist places and nothing. We always had the same result. They would grow few leaves and then just stop.

This year we were lucky. One of the 2 Lupines is doing great. It's growing and has flowers(the pink one). He is in full shade and in moist soil.
The other one is smaller but it's alive and growing. And this one is in full sun and dry soil.

So I still have no idea why my Lupines are so moody. I have to say that I haven't seen them in any garden in our city so maybe they just don't like it here. Let's hope this ones will survive even if they make my garden into a pink Barbie garden. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Colorful and windy

William R. Alger said that "After every storm the sun will smile"..well in our case it's the other way. After the sun smiles there is a storm. Last week sun was smiling like crazy. Our temperatures were over 35°C. Still my garden was looking good. 

We had lots of rain this spring so plants were surviving. Of course after this kind of temperatures we knew that as soon as the rain comes we will have storms.

The storm came on Thursday. Temperatures dropped to 15°C and strong wind was mixed with hail the size of peas. We can be happy that hail was really small and that it didn't last long so there was small damage. The only thing that got holes was my Canna lily. But it's leaves are go gentle that they get damaged from watering so I wasn't too upset about it.

 In the garden there was no visible damage from hail but wind did some damage.
My potatoes are all rolled on the ground. I'm hoping they will get back up by themselves.

Some of my tomatoes weren't so lucky. All of them were rolled down. I tied them all up before the storm but it didn't help.

My Viva Italia tomatoes weren't only rolled down. Most of them have broken branches. The worst thing is that they already had little tomatoes on them.

Temperatures made my lettuce to produce flower stalks so I had to start harvesting them. I harvested 2 Endive and one Nansen lettuce head. I'm happy with their size. This is a 10l bowl.

 The one thing that I'm not happy with is my peas. The harvests are really really poor. I sown 1 kilo of peas and by the way things are looking right now I'll be happy if I manage to harvest 2 kilos of peas.

Yes those are Nero's toys on the floor

 The one thing that loves this kind of weather are my flowers.
My Peonny poppies are blooming

And Nero loves them too

Chamomile has it's first flowers. I'm surprised it is growing so well with all the weather changes we are having this year.

First Cosmos fizzy flower

Iberis has spreaded all around my garden. It looks great coloring by the green  beds.

My  Ipomea wall is progressing and giving me first pretty flowers. I was hoping to get purple and blue flowers but instead I got pale pink ones. I'll see what colors I'll get when the rest of Ipomea plants start blooming.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Poor pea harvest

Like I said before this year my pea harvest will be very poor. Today I decided to see if there will be some pea pods or everything is lost.
My American wonder peas are still alive, there are some flowers on them, pea pods are here and they only need to ripe.
The story with Rondo peas is completely different.
Some of my Rondo peas are already ready for harvest. This confirms my suspicions that April was too warm for my peas. This first harvest came 25 days earlier than last year. Also this harvest is very very poor.
I got only few pods.

I hoping that in one of my two rows there will still be some fruits. Pods look ok and there are still some flowers.

The row that is in sun whole day damage is 100%. There are no pods, peas aren't blooming and leaves are completely dry.

I decided to pull out all of them. There is really no reason to keep them here, instead of them I'll plant more beans. Maybe they will like this warm weather more than my peas did.

Even with this peas disaster I was still happy when I finished my harvest day. I got some fresh juicy red currants.

They also came few days earlier but there is no harm in that. I got a nice bowl of red currants. I will store them till I get some blackberries and raspberries. Red currants will be great for my berry juice.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring review

This year spring wasn't very good to us. We had unusually warm March and April. The result was that our peas started drying too soon. So probably we will not have good harvest this year. Unusually warm days also brought problems with seedlings that grew too tall, and cold nights prevented us from transplanting them to the garden. Result was damaged pepper seedlings that were struck down by weeks of cold and unusually strong wind. We also had 3 days of hailstorms. Hail damaged my zucchinis and lettuces.

May was colder with huge amounts of rain that caused floods and landslides all over the country. Temperatures in last 14 days were below 20°C. This is unusual for this part of Croatia since our normal temperatures by the end of May are always over 25°C.

I can't say that my plants don't like this last few days. There is enough water for them to grow. This is probably one of the rare moments when I'm happy I live on the hill. All the extra water drains down so my garden isn't flooded like some of the gardens in my village that are on flat ground. Also with water draining down I don't have that muddy concrete part of soil that damages roots and prevents vegetables from growing.
Also temperatures aren't too high for my plants so they don't suffer from heat like they did in April.
This is why all my vegetables look good for now, well except of the peas that have already been too damaged to recuperate.
Potatoes will bloom soon.

Tomatoes already have flowers and will soon start making fruits.

Peppers that were transplanted 2 weeks ago are a bit yellow from colder weather but they are growing and hopefully will soon reach earlier transplanted peppers that already have flower buds.

Zucchinis recuperated from hail and are blooming like mad.

There are already little zucchinis that will soon be ready for our first harvest.

Beans survived rough weather condition, big amounts of water and too wet soil and now they are growing nicely.


and lettuce that survived hail really like this past few cold days. They doubled the size in just 14 days.



Flowers are starting to fill up empty spaces in the garden. Nigellas, poppy and roses give the garden much needed color.

And when there is nothing else in the garden to show there is always a big black ball of fur that is watching my every move.

Summarizing everything summer was very wet with jumps between extremely hot and cold days and with strong and hurricane winds. Let's just hope summer will be better.