2017 Harvest

Friday, May 23, 2014


After all the rain we got our grass is growing like mad. This means I had to take my fateful friend and start working.

Noup not this friend. I had to take my scythe.

The trimmer and mower we have are too big for me so I'm cleaning my orchard old fashion way. I'm thinking about buying a small electric mower. This will require some researching before buying one because I need one that will be strong enough for my steep orchard and at the same time light enough for me to pull it around my orchard.

While I don't buy a mower I need at least 2-3 days to clean my orchard. Today I scythed half of the orchard. I use all the grass to make hay for my bunnies. Lower part of the orchard has bigger trees and this makes it really difficult to dry grass.

That's why I started drying hay in my front yard. Once I dry this one I will start scything the rest of my orchard.

This year wasn't good for my peas. We got too warm weather in March and my peas didn't grow like they should. They stayed too small and bloomed too soon.

up: last year/down: this year peas
Now we have too high temperatures and now my peas started to dry and turn yellow.

Last years my peas started turning yellow in late June. This means they started drying a month too soon.

At least my roses started blooming and adding color to my garden.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Help appeal!!

Floods in Balkans are getting worse.

After storms and rainfalls that gave us 6 months amounts of rain in just 4 days Big part of Southeast Europe flooded.
Serbia is having biggest floods in history. So far 20 000 people have been evacuated, hundreds are missing, 12 confirmed deaths. The number of deaths will most certainly be much bigger, government is not giving out the exact number until the water goes away.

The whole city of Obrenovac is under water. There are places where water reaches 5m (16ft).
Krupanj city was devastated by the river that flows through the middle of city. It's wave has destroyed it's riverbed and swallowed whole coast.

Sremska Mitrovica was saved by enormous efforts of citizens. The amount of water is visible by photos from 14 days and today.

Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the same. 10 000 people have been evacuated, 20 confirmed deaths only in city Doboj.
It is feared that there will be large amount of deaths in Doboj itself. The water wave came fast and carried 2 meters of water. Water is now withdrawing and discovering horrible scenes of cars with drowned families inside.
There has also been lots of landslides, 2 villages have been completely erased by the mud and soil. Water has moved mined territories, so now nobody knows where mines that were left from war are and cities are filled with snakes that have been escaping water waves so there is high amount of snake bites.

Situation in Croatia is also starting to get dramatic. Because of the floods in Bosnia and rain our biggest river Sava is at it's highest. Our river banks and dams are not high enough so last few days people are trying to make more dams using bags of sand.
Yesterday our dam broke and now we have 40m (131ft) big hole that is flooding villages in Slavonia.

Villages Rajevo selo, Bošnjaci, Račinovci, Gunja and Hrvatska Kostajnica are flooded. Rajevo selo was the first village water hit and now there is 3m of water inside the village. 3000 people were evacuated yesterday and today. One person died and 2 are still missing. Water was unexpected and since this part of Croatia is home to farmers and food producers there is lots of animals and pets still in the village. Big military trucks have been sent to Gunja to collect all animals that are still alive. But looking at the photos taken from the plane I fear they will find only dead animals.

The rest of Eastern Croatia is safe only for now. River banks are soaked with water and Sava is 1100m(3608ft) deep. It will take days for the water to pass and it's possible banks and dams will break.

Why am I saying all this?
Because we need help.
Our fellow citizens have organized and started helping and collecting money and supplies to help evacuated people but we can't do it alone.
We need humanitarian aid and supplies. 

If you can please donate money to the Red Cross accounts listed here. Red Cross will buy food and water for people from donated money. Also feel free to repost this to your blogs and spread the word.

I have heard there will be places for donating food and supplies in EU countries but I still haven't heard where so I will not post anything here yet.

Numbers for donations:
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Account holder: Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Account No:     140-101-12001533-88
Name of the bank:     SBERBANK BH d.d. Sarajevo
Adress of the bank:     Fra Andela Zvizdovica 1/A,
                                    71000 Sarajevo,
                                    Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bank code:     BA391401011200153388

Current account for help (City of Belgrade):
Special purpose account: 01-504103-100000300-000000-0000 – Grad Beograd – Sekretarijat za finansije. IBAN: RS35908504103000030058.
Payment Instructions are on the website of the City of Belgrade, at: www.beograd.rs.

RED CROSS SERBIA – All instructions can be found at this link.

The Ministry of the Interior Affairs has also established a call center through which all interested people willing to help, are able to obtain information in order to realize their contributions. The call center will be open 24 hours a week and will coordinate all actions with other governmental agencies.

The telephone numbers of the call center: + 381 11 312 0741 ,+ 381 11 312 0739, + 381 11 312 9939,+ 381 11 312 0742, + 381 11 312 0646, + 381 11 3148 474, + 381 11 3148 547, + 381 11 3613 321, + 381 11 3148 509, + 381 11 3148 517.
You can also get information emailing to: pomoc.vanrednasituacija@mup.gov.rs.

You can also donate to Novak Djokovic foundation via Paypal.

Croatian Red Cross:

- making a cash transfer to the bank account IBAN: HR6923400091511555516 ref. nr. 08* (multi-currency account SWIFT: PBZGHR2X)
Account holder: Hrvatski Crveni križ, Ulica Crvenog križa 14, 10 000 Zagreb

For all those who are trying to reach their family members in the flooded areas and need assistance with this, the Tracing Service of the Croatian Red Cross can be reached at +385 1 4655 814 or +385 1 4655 813.

More information can be found on twitter under hashtags:  #poplave #Serbiafloods #Croatiafloods #Bosniaflood and

Thank you!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Horrific 48h

Last 48 hours have been really horrific. Two days ago we got a red warning about strong winds over 70km/h (19m/s).

We gathered all our pots, secured all our plants and waited.
Winds started over the night and went increasing whole morning. By the middle of the day wind was over 50km/h(14m/s) and with gusts of 100km/h(27m/s).
This kind of wind is normal on our coast, but not in central Croatia.
It brought lots of damage in Zagreb, mostly on trees and old buildings.

Luckily we are on a hill and rain that was falling this past week and last few days didn't do any damage. But the rest of Balkans including Eastern Croatia weren't as lucky as us.

Eastern Croatia is flooded. Our biggest river Sava is very high and there is no room for other rivers and creeks so now they are flooding, subterranean waters are also out so they are making things even worse.

Photos of the floods aren't mine.

Things in our neighbor countries are even worse than here. There is lots of flooded cities, landslides have activated, bridges have been ripped out and taken away by the river.

Bosnia & Herzegovina


Today things in my village are looking better. It's still raining but wind is now weaker 8m/s(30km/h). I took Nero for a walk around to see if there is damage but luckily I haven't seen any. I guess all the winter wind already broke all weak and dry trees so the rest of them can survive wind.

My garden looks ok. There is no wind damage.

Only thing is that my garden is covered with white petals from forest trees.

The reason my garden looks good is that it's is secured from all 4 sides.
Yes we get less sun but at least when we get this horrible wind it stays alive.

Wind crooked my Delphinium and Columbines.

It also bended our neighbors pine tree. Of course it bended to our yard so now we are waiting for it to fall.

 I hope floods will go away soon and we'll get some nice and warm weather.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wind protection

Last week I have planted half of our tomato and pepper seedlings. I decided to plant only half of them just as a test to see if they will survive this next 15 days.

As I thought this week has been a real test for our seedlings. Last week we had strong wind again. That's why yesterday I had lots of work in the garden.
All my seedlings were rolled on the soil by wind.
That's why I had to tie them up before we get more wind tomorrow.

I also had to do something with my peppers. They got too big in the house so now they are too tall and fell on the floor.

I decided to make small nets for peppers. Luckily I left some tree twigs from apple pruning.

I managed to make some strong improvised nets. Peppers are now secure and can't break when another strong wind hits.

Next week if weather calms down a bit I will plant the rest of the seedlings outside.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Surviving rainy days

What happens when you get hailstorm, rainstorm and extreme wind in just one week - you get rotten plants, mud and snakes.

Hail damage wasn't as bad as I thought. The only plants that got badly damaged were my zucchinis. They got holes on almost every leaf and most of the stems have been broken.

Onions also got their bruises but they will recuperate quickly.

My peas survived without any damage. I cleaned the weeds and covered them for the first time.

Hail wasn't the only bad thing in my garden last week. We also got 100l of rain in just a few days. Yes we also get some sunny hours so sunny part of the garden manages to dry but my shady part of the garden is a disaster.

Lettuce seedlings have been halved.

Every day there is more and more seedlings that die from this crazy weather.

I'm afraid for my beans. They still haven't germinated. The soil is too wet and cold and they are just standing. If we don't get some sunny and dry days soon my I will lose 2kilos of bean seeds.

Water is still standing in little puddles all over the garden. I have never seen it before. We had rain and too wet soil but never puddles in downhill beds.

Snakes are also confused with this weather. Usually I see them only in early morning and evening but now they are crawling around all the time.
2 days ago while I was working in the garden grass snake was trying to find a place to sleep.

In the end she decided I was too loud and hid inside my raspberries.

Although weather is playing tricks on us I can't wait anymore and I have to plant some of my seedlings. I've prepared my seedling beds and tomorrow I'll transplant half of my tomato seedling. Pepper seedlings will have to wait few more days.