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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here comes the snow

My complaining finally called the snow. It's amazing how just few days ago I was walking Nero up and down the meadows...

...and today we are swimming in snow.

On Friday we had 24 hours snow blizzard with heavy wet snow. The snow was so wet that it broke most of the electricity and phone wires. Luckily our village has a "power ring" that connects us to other villages so we can get the power really fast. We were without power and heating only 3 hours. Some of the villages weren't so lucky so some of them were without it for 36 hours of more.There are also lots of broken trees. This blizzard got us 20cm of snow.

Sunday was sunny but really really cold. Temperatures were below -15°C. I've spent the whole Sunday shoveling.
Monday brought us new snow. This time snow was fluffy so it was easier to clean it. We got new 10cm of snow.
Our biggest problems right now are icicles and where to place all the snow so it doesn't get in the way.

Icicles are starting to get really big and dangerous so everyday I kick them off the roof with a really long pole. An hour of hard work but at least I can be sure nobody will get hit in the head with falling icicle.
As for the snow, I'm building hills around the yard and filling my flowerbeds with it.

Birds are having a rough time, with this snow to so they are becoming regular guests on our balcony. They come to eat everyday. They even let me take pictures of them. With the windows closed but still...they stay and eat like I'm not there.

Tomorrow we are expecting new snow. We'll see how much we'll get this time.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm like the snow...never here :)

  Have you seen something that makes the air really cold and drops white stuff from the sky? It's called winter and it's missing since last year. If you've seen it please tell it to get it's lazy butt to Croatia and do what it's supposed to do this time of the year - make our lives a living hell.

 This past few months the amount of snow was exactly the same as the amount of my blog posts : 0
My reason for not writing: equipment problems
Snow reasons for not falling: guess somebody tied the bag with snow too                                                tight :)

Like I said in my last post my camera is broken. Well not broken...but the batteries won't charge. And I still haven't bought new ones. When I can buy them - I forget, when I go to buy them - they don't have them in store. Also my keyboard decided she's tired from all the banging and decided she could put some letters on strike. So half of the letters work and the other half don't.
That's why for the last few months I've been using my tablet and all I can say is: The person who thought that poking the screen is easier that hitting keys is a moron.
 It takes me eternity to write just a few words. All the time I have to correct it, and I'm not even going to start talking about the fact that with long nails you always hit 2 letters instead of one so it's better to return to complaining about the weather.

The whole November and December I've been beating myself on the head for listening to meteorologists and deep digging my garden like a madman. I've finished the whole garden in just 2 week because the "smart" weather guys said we'll have an early winter with lots of snow.
 Oh and we did get an early winter. Last week of October was really cold with temperatures below 0°C and then...nothing.
The only thing that was here the whole November was my back and shoulder injury from digging too much too fast. Snow...not here.
December was the same only the temperatures slowly rose so by the end of December we had 20°C every day. On Christmas the temperatures were so high most of my cakes that I usually keep on the balcony melted, so they ended up in the freezer.
And it has been like that all through the January. It's almost over and still no snow here. Now we are not even hoping for it. We just want some cold days with temperatures below 0°C or in the summer we won't be eating vegetables...we'll eat only bugs cause they will eat everything else.
Nature is also confused with this temperatures. Primroses have already blossomed, hazel catkins are everywhere and on the sunny sides apples and cherries have buds(luckily mine are still sleeping).

The only one that enjoys this kind of weather is Nero. He likes the fact that he can run around like crazy without getting wet and dirty.
Except when he finds some nice cow manure to roll in it. He has been such a good dog this last few months, we aren't even walking on the leash anymore.

Now he walks alone with harness and the leash is in my pocket "just in case". Even without the leash he is always 2-3 meters from me "watching me" so I don't get lost.
Let's just hope our walks will soon be in full winter equipment and not in summer jacket sweating like pigs :)