2017 Harvest

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Planting around

After a well deserved break from gardening today I had to plant the tomatoes. They couldn't stay in their boxes anymore. They were getting bigger every day.

 So I did what I do every year...dag holes, placed some manure inside and planted tomato seedlings. In the end I had to tie them up...I never had to do that before...guess this year our seedlings are a bit out of control.

I've planted "Brain" tomato on the other side of the garden, the same place where we will have our cherry tomatoes when they get bigger. The reason is this tomato grows over 2m and needs a tall pole.

When I finished with tomatoes I've planted cucumbers. This year we will plant  Kinai Kigyo and Regal F1, but we decided that we will plant some earlier to get seedlings and the rest of them directly in the garden. The reason is bugs eat our seeds so this way there is a less chance of loosing our seeds.

I've planted seedlings of Kinai today and the rest of the seeds.

Regal F1 I will plant when seedling get a little bit bigger.

 I was surprised to see that even in this kind of soil our garden is growing. I was worried that the soil would be too hard for plants to get out but everything that I planted is coming out.



This could be carrots...or parsley...or parsnip, I have no idea what this is. I don't remember what I planted on top of the bed and what on the bottom. I'll have to wait for it to get bigger leaves to see ☺

Even the lettuce and onions we've planted in the fall are finally getting big

I thought I would have problems with planting today, but I didn't. I spent the whole time sitting so my leg didn't hurt..the biggest problem I had was when it was all over. As I'm a person that would rather die from carrying too much stuff than return twice for them I spent 5 minutes thinking how to get everything to the house at just one trip. Well it didn't work...I had to go twice ☺

After I finished I got out "my powerful tool" and decided to cut some grass around the house.

The reason I use sickle and not a string trimmer is:
A) I can't lift that nasty big thing
B) I like my grass to look a bit wild
This way I can save the plants such as daisies and forget-me-not and cut only grass I don't want.
All the grass that was cut I gathered on a blanket and left on the sun to dry. I will mulch my tomatoes with it.

As everything is growing like wild so are my balcony tomatoes and peppers.
There will be no flowers on my balcony this year, only tasty tomatoes and hot peppers ☺

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Canna lily

                                           Canna lily
            (lat. Canna indica, also known as: Saka siri, Indian shot, Kana)

Canna lily is one of my favorite plants. It's a native Caribbean and tropical American plant but with proper care can grow everywhere.
This perennial is very frost tender so if you live in hardiness zone 7 like I do the best way is getting bulbs out of the pots in the fall and planting them back in spring or collecting seeds and planting seeds after last frost.

It can grow from 90cm(36in) to 2.5m (8ft) with flowers that can bloom from late spring till mid fall(first frost) in many colors

I have canna that blooms in orange-red, but it can also come as red(the most common),gold, yellow or magenta.

As it is a tropical plant it needs a lot of water. The soil must be consistently moist, and it enjoys a lot of sun. Mine are always in front of the house where temperature in summer is around 40-50°C (104-122F) and with watering them every morning and evening they grow like mad.

Like I said before they can be grown from seeds. Seeds are placed in green balls that are on the flower. You can't miss them they look a lot like green chestnut cupules. All you have to do is let that cupules dry(they should be dark brown) and remove seeds.

Seeds are small,heavy and black. They can also be used as jewelry beads or in rattles, people even used them in old guns as ammunition.

I divide my Canna lilies from bulbs. In the fall I get them out of the pot, and just tear bulbs a part. As long as there is a bulb or part of it next year you will have new Canna.

This year to plant Cannas I had to remove my hyacinth from the pot.

 So I got them out and placed them in smaller container. This way the bulbs will mature and they will bloom with a lots of small flowers next year.

You can see that we have now a full box of Canna bulbs. We got just one bulb few years ago and now we have no idea where to plant them all.

So this year we will plant 4 pots with them. I love them cause they grow very big and by the middle of the summer they cover the whole window. They are perfect for making shade in the room.

I have read in many places that each bulb needs around 60cm (23in) to grow, but I don't follow that. I place them as tight as I can. Over the years I've noticed that the less room they have the bigger they get. And I need them tall. If you want them to look like a bush with giant leaves then plant them with many room between. This way they will stay shorter but have many big leaves.

While I was planting Cannas I decided I should also plant gladiolus bulbs. So I planted them too, and noticed that there are a lots of small bulbs. So I collected them and planted them in a pot. If what I heard is true from little ones should grow big ones. Guess we'll see soon.

My tulips are blooming. Well at least one pot of them is...the other is still sleeping. Maybe soon they will bloom too.

Of course I couldn't take a picture without a big black but getting in the way. Nero decided he could catch some sun while I was working. I wish I could be like him sometimes, eat, bark a few times, play and sleep 18 hours a day.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catching up on lost time

Today I can really say that I have done everything that had to be done in March. I've placed 40 poles for 80 tomato seedlings that will need to go in the garden soon. The rest of poles I'll place in May cause other seedlings are still small.

Length of the tomato bed is 12 meters(39ft) so I wanted to place on it 18 poles on each side.

Of course I did it a bit wrong so in the end I placed 20 poles on each side and there was 2 meters of bed empty.
Well it was empty for about 10 minutes. As soon as I noticed it I ran for my little basket and planted cabbages ☺

At least I have one thing less to worry about.

When poles were done I decided to dig the bed for the beets and stem kale.

 I can say that I have planted everything for now. I just have to plant beans, and tomato and pepper seedlings, oh and cucumbers, watermelons( still don't know where I will place them) and pumpkins. Right..almost done with planting.

Once I got out from the garden I noticed there is something strange in my coffin. 

 Tomatoes were gone. I saw that now little tomato seedlings are inside the coffin and big ones are on the table in front of the house.

My mum decided to move them cause little birds are eating small seedlings. From everything they can eat they gobble my tomato seedlings.
At least they don't eat my flowers.
First tulip is here.


 I think I'll take a day or two of rest. My left leg is killing me so I guess it's time to stop with the digging for now. We'll see how that will work.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

holes and crooked poles

Today I wanted to place wooden poles for cucumbers and bean net. Every year my dad and I did it together but this year Miss " I can do everything without any help" decided to do it alone.
So I went to the garden to dig some holes first. I actually loved the hole digging. We have some kind of drill thingy and it went without any problems. I just had to stick it in the ground and turn(even I know how to do that).

After a few minutes I had finished my first hole.

I continued doing the same with other 11 holes.

 When I looked up I saw I had an audience. Little black head was looking at me watching my every move.

After all the holes were done I got my poles down in the garden. Instead of carrying them I just threw then in the garden. Almost all of them finished in the right spot ☺

I was all enthusiastic cause I managed to place first two big poles without any problems and after tying a rope to know where to place the others, in less than an hour all 6 were in the ground.

 And then the "fun" begun. The smaller ones that I thought would be easier to place were a nightmare. Every single one of them was crooked. And not a little, all of them looked like a big letter S. I turned them on one side they didn't fit, I turned them the other way again nothing. I placed them in the ground and they look like they are drunk.

I was so angry I went to dig one of the tomato beds without any need for it. I have no idea how I'll place a net on them. I hope I'll manage it...somehow.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Crazy greenhouse

This year our greenhouse seedlings are growing like crazy. It's middle of April and they are already the size they should be in middle of May.
So now our "coffin" is too short and seedlings are already as tall as the greenhouse is.
I still can't replant them outside cause:
 A) it's too soon, we could still have morning frost
and B) I still haven't placed wood poles for tomatoes

Guess I'll have to place them soon cause tomato seedlings are already around 30cm(11in)

Peppers are also very big but it's also too soon to plant them outside.

Amfora pepper

Tomato pepper
Madonna F1

Chilly peppers are staying in front of the house so they are already in big pots.

The part of the seedlings we left for growing outside(100 seedlings) are growing fine and we placed them on the front yard to have more sun.

Columbines (Aquilegia) are out. Soon they will cover part of the yard.

 Grape hyacinth

In front of the house we have a big wild cherry tree that is at fool bloom right now. It looks very pretty, the only problem with it is when flower petals start falling. Whole yard looks like it's snowing.

After few days of rest I guess tomorrow I'll be rolling around the garden again ☺