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Monday, October 21, 2013

Garden in October

After 2 weeks of torture I've finished with deep digging. The whole garden is ready for snow and rest.

But as the rest of this crazy year October is also really weird. First we had a week of nonstop rain with temperatures below 0°C. Of course my vegetables dies soon after the frost so I pulled all of them out and got nothing from them. 500gr of bean seeds and I didn't get a single bean from them. Since the weather was so bad I had nothing to wait for I finished my whole garden and now surprise.
This last few days we have temperatures over 22°C with morning temperatures around 15°C.
My flowers are all confused. Columbines have started to grow again.
I'm waiting for them to start blooming again.

Snapdragons are blooming again.



There are some of the October flowers that have started blooming but they are also confused and look like they are too lazy to bloom like my Aster.

Morning glory finished it's blooming season, all that is left is brown bunch of leaves. I'm still keeping it till the seeds ripe.

Amaranth is also slowly turning brown.

If the weather continues like this instead of the winter we'll have a second spring with lots of flowers ☺