2017 Harvest

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Harvesting around

I feel like a parrot. I'm repeating myself all the time. When somebody asks what I'm doing the answer is always: weeding and harvesting peas.
Yes I had to clean the weeds again. Well I'm finished for now( finally) today I've cleaned last 2 beds and I got 2 baskets of bunny grass and 3 for compost. In total I've got 3 baskets of grass and 5 baskets in compost. It's really a lot of weeds knowing that I've cleaned the whole garden just 3 weeks ago.

My garden is seriously waking up. My raspberries are in their biggest fruit time .

Every day I harvest around 300gr (10oz) of fruits

Also my blackberries are starting. Today I noticed a first black blackberry

Now all I have to do is wait for the other 300 fruits :D

Tomatoes will be ready soon. And judging by the amount of fruits. It will be a good year.

Glacier tomato



First little pepper

I harvested my first cucumbers. 3 solid cucumbers. I thought of leaving them to grow more but they are starting to turn yellow. With the weather we had I'm happy they even look like that.

I also harvested peas for the third time this year. I got 1 kilo of clean peas again.

In the end I harvested my Lavender.

It's not as nice as the one that grows by the sea but It's still pretty and smells amazing.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Second pea harvest

I harvested our peas for the second time this year. I should be already done with peas but the weather threw us back for about 2 weeks so I'm picking them now. Again I harvested both peas and again I can't believe the difference between A. Wonder and Rondo peas.

As you can see Rondo (left pea pods) is normal size and almost over and A.wonder(right side pea pods) is really really small. I know this pea has smaller pods than Rondo but again they are really small, smaller than last year. I picked the nicest ones I could find to show their size.
Another thing American wonder should come before Rondo and this year it's growing slower than him. Pods are now filling up and I will have to harvest it at least 3 more times.

I harvested half of the bag and when I cleaned them I got 1 kilo(35oz) of pea.

 I didn't plan to but I had to harvest all of my lettuce today. It's too hot and it's starting to grow flowers. It's already really bitter so I can't eat it anymore. But my mum likes it so I took everything I could.

Do I even have to mention I forgot to take enough bags so I just stuffed my lettuce together with peas.
I got around 500gr (17oz) of lettuce

Remember my sick, poor, yellow cucumbers?

Well here they are. They woke up few weeks ago and now they are looking better.
(ignore the weeds ☺ )

They even have cucumbers on them. Soon I'll have to harvest them.

I also took one of our potato plants out. Just to see how my potatoes look. I've planted them on 19th of April and today they look like this. They will need another week maybe two and they will be ready for harvest too.

I thought about cleaning the weeds, as you could see there are lots of them but I didn't. I got in the garden today around 11am and the sun was already really strong. This is the result of 2 hours of gardening.

I'll slowly turn in to a red crab. My too white skin really hates the sun. Few minutes and I'm all burned. Guess I'll have to start gardening at sunrise.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today I've spent my morning weeding. It was the time to do it...weeds were bigger than plants. There are 12 beds in my garden( not counting the potato one that is the size of 3 beds) and I planned to clean all of them today. I will be busy tomorrow with other things so I wanted to do as much as I could while I had time. Well my plan went wrong(like always).

I cleaned up 5 beds, or better said I cleaned up the sunny part of the garden.

While I was weeding I had company. A little ladybug decided to walk on my back so I took her and she posed for a photo like a big star.

The truth is she's a very lucky ladybug. Usually when I feel something walking on me I try to slap it off, but this time for some reason I didn't. I left her on my lavender flower. I just love having ladybugs in garden.

Also while I was working I noticed that my zucchini plant is having little zucchinis. There are 3 or 4 of them.

I didn't know how weedy my garden was till I finished with my 5 beds. I have a basket full of Couch grass for my bunnies and a bunch of grass that will have to go to compost.

I still have a day of weeding, if I'll have time I'll do this tomorrow when I finish harvesting peas. They are already ready for second harvest.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pea harvest

We've had lots of rain yesterday and temperatures dropped about 15°C (20°C at noon).
So this week will be perfect for gardening. And there is really lots of work inside. My garden is filled with weeds.

 I thought I would do some weeding today but when I got to the garden I saw there will be other work. Yesterday was really windy day and my garden felt it.
We knew there will be wind so we gathered our balcony plants to save them.

But I never thought there will be so much wind in the garden. The garden is usually secured from wind but when I got in I saw this.

All my tomato plants were turned over. I thought there will be a lot of damage but luckily plants only fell on the floor...they didn't break.
So it took me lot of time to fix everything up. I still have to tie them up better but I didn't have enough ribbons with me so I'll do it tomorrow.

Potatoes are also turned over, but they'll be ok in a few days...potatoes like to fall when there is strong wind.

Finally I had my first pea harvest. I harvested Rondo and American wonder peas. Rondo peas are great. They have big pods and there will be lots of them in other harvests but A. Wonder will give little fruits this year. It was too cold when he should have grown and now there are only tiny pods on him.

From both of my peas I got 800gr (28,2oz) of cleaned peas.
I'm sure there will be around 5 kilos of peas in the end of the harvest...maybe even more.

I also got 500gr (17,6 oz) of raspberries.

Garden is finally waking up. Soon I'll have everyday harvest.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Stuffed tomatoes salad

                             Stuffed tomatoes salad
                          (aka. Clean up your fridge salad)

Past few days we had some really extremely hot weather. And while it's too hot outside my family doesn't like to eat cooked food. So I made one of my favorite salads. Stuffed tomatoes or as I like to call them I'm cleaning my fridge salad.

Basically all you need is some tomatoes, fresh cheese( or cream cheese) and everything you have in the refrigerator.

Hollow out the tomatoes. They should be bigger and firm( it's easier to work with them).Save the tops of tomatoes and cut the rest of the filling in small bits.

Mix together fresh cheese, leftovers from tomatoes, and anything you like. I mixed in some ham, some dried sausages, 1/4 of onion and salt.
You can also add some hard cheese, pickles, cooked peas, beans, meat...anything you like.

Stuff the tomatoes with the filling

Put the caps back on the tomatoes any leave them in fridge for at least 2 hours.

My family loves this salad. It's refreshing and light.

In the end I have a question for all the people that grow celery. How big does a celery plant get?

Last year we planted a celery plant in our front yard to get seeds from it. But this monster is growing like crazy. It has flowers but it's still growing. Right now it's 5'3" (160cm) and it doesn't seem to have any intention of stopping.
How tall will it get before I will be able to get seeds)?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Slowly melting away

It's so hot here for the last couple of days that I lose the will to garden. It's 34°C (93F) in shade right now and all we can think of is how to stay in the house. Even Nero doesn't want to stay outside. All he does is sleep on the floor.
I'm having a really hard time with this heat.
I have headaches from heat that are almost unbearable. It's so funny they come around 1pm when it starts to get too hot and stay till 10pm. I could measure temperature from the intensity of my headache. It doesn't even help staying in cold and dark room. So I'm forced to do all my work in the morning.

This morning while it wasn't so hot(only 30°C in 8am) I went to pick up some peas. Or I thought I would pick them up. Yesterday while I was cutting grass for my bunnies I saw that some pea pods were ready, but I guess I was delirious cause today when I came to collect them it turned out that none of them were ready. So I went to the orchard to collect some fruits.
In the end I got home with this.

It's was a nice harvest. It will be enough for making fruit ice cream.
This warm weather is great for my flowers. They are growing like crazy, here are some random pictures from my garden.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fruit smoothie

Since it is hot outside and in these days we need to consume a lot of fruits  today I made a smoothie. I used cherries that I left in the refrigerator for two days in cinnamon and honey marinade.

I put more strawberries and a peach. Of course all I blended and this is it...cheers :) .... I try to put it in everything I can because it is very good for the heart, so it is my recommendation for anyone who has problems with pressure to use but it's also great for healthy people...