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Friday, May 31, 2013

What to do when it's raining?Crochet :)

Raining again. It's unbelievable how much rain we got this month. I've been reading newspapers and they say that Sweden has temperatures around 30°C...uuum since it's 14°C here and raining I think weather man got sides of the Europe a bit wrong. Could somebody tell him to bring summer to Croatia??

Anyway since the rain is boringly persistent and there is no way to get in the garden (with a surfboard maybe) what do you do with your spare time...stick a hook in thread and twist it around :D

I love to crochet. Don't remember when I learned it, but I always loved knitted/crocheted things. And since there is no way to buy them here. Well there is but in really expensive stores where so called designers have their stuff, and I'm sorry but I'm not paying 500€ for a crocheted shirt just cause your name is supposed to be famous I had to learn to crochet.

I wanted to learn to knit too but never got the time to do it and I still haven't found a knitted thing I couldn't replicate with crochet so I didn't find it necessary.

I started out with simple things(scarfs, caps) then to shirts, sweaters with or without patterns.
So now when I don't have anything to do I crochet.
Few days ago I got 2 summer dresses (purple and pink one)

and since both of them are sleeveless I decided to make 2 ponchos.
Actually I thought I would make just one but then I found a pattern that I really like so I had to do one more.

I'm a sucker for purple/violet/lilac color so I had 2 different threads at home (both in purple shades)

First poncho I decided to make a "normal" one. Classic triangular poncho with chains

I'll just make 2 triangles and crochet them together. I really make pattern from my mind and modify it as I work.

Second poncho I'm making will be a bit different. I'm using a pattern I found online. It's basically a bunch of roses connected with spider web. I started making it and now I realized that they used a thicker thread then the one I have. So I guess I'll have to improvise later when connecting them to get "spider web look".
Flower pattern is nice and a bit different than usual ones and I really love it.

I usually crochet 2 tings at the same time. To break the monotony. This way when I get bored with making flowers I make chains and when this is boring me I make flowers.
Although I would rather be digging around ☺

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flowers everywhere

It took a long time for our front yard to wake up. This weather is driving me mad. It seems more like we are in March and not May. Our red rose just started to bloom.

I really love this rose. It doesn't have a strong scent like all the other roses but it's really strange. Each rose looks different so it looks like we have many roses in one place but it's just one, also flowers come in colors from bloody red to purplish red.

They last really long and bloom from early spring(or this year late spring) till the end of the summer.

Our flower seedlings that we grew from seeds last year have survived and now they are blooming or getting ready to bloom.

Clary sage (salvia sclarea) has 3 big buds. I can't wait for them to open.

Digitalis has more and more flower heads

But the prettiest flower in my garden is my dumbo

He wasn't in the mood for taking photos. So all I got was an angry/ bored look and he continued chewing his bone.

Or maybe he could feel the bad weather approaching so he was depressed. It's raining again! If this continues I think I'll start reading books on how to grow rice ☺

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Elderberry time

It's that time of the year when elderberries are ready for collecting...only this year it's a bit different.Since this year we are having moody weather only 1/3 of elderberry flowers are open. The rest is still sleeping.

The ones that are blooming will die before the rest of them will start to bloom so I decided to pick the ones that are ready.

I guess all of my plants like to grow very high so I had to get my "special tool". I picked flowers with our tall branch shears.
They have a long pole so I could reach most of the flowers.

Still I couldn't pick all of them. Some were just to tall so I left them. I don't plan to play Tarzan just for 2 or 3 flower heads.

 I got 30 flower heads. Once I got home I soaked them in water and left them. I'll be making my Elderberry flower syrup tomorrow.

Before I could pick elderberries I had to scythe all the grass so I could reach them. I can now say that everything is cleaned.

and since there is no work at the garden for now I already started preparing my new flower garden. I began deep digging the land for new flower beds.
After I started I realized that this will be hard work.

The ground is terrible...so terrible that S. King could write scary books about it. There is so much roots that it takes me forever just to turn one shovel.
And still there is so much to dig, I guess it's a good thing I started doing this now. I guess if I dig everyday I should be done with it till the fall ☺

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Troubles never come alone

The hail damage wasn't so big as I thought it would be. Upper part of the garden has no damage at all...guess retaining wall, house and trees shield our garden more than I thought.

I'm glad it was shielded cause part of my beans are out. It would be such a shame if the hail damaged them.

It's funny how forest can protect and damage at the same time. I planted 4 rows of beans the same day and the ones that are on the sunnier part are all out and 2 rows that are in shaded part are still in the ground.

Biggest part of the damage is in the lower part of the garden.

Peppers have a lot of holes, broken leaves and brown spots, but at least they are still in one piece so they will recover.

Tomatoes cucumbers and potatoes look the same

Like I said before the hail was falling under a strange angle so there was a lot of damage on Clematis too. Almost every flower is missing petals, or they are filled with holes.

 I also have problems with cats. Annoying horny neighbors cats.
Our neighbor has cats, I don't even know the number of them, all female, all unsterilized. So every few months they start their mating season( yes every couple of months). I don't even want to lose time explaining the noise they make, I can survive it. What bothers me is that at this time all male cats from the village park their butts in front of our house and fight.
They fight day and night, making Nero furious(he rasped his paw on something while running around barking) and they don't even care if anyone is  watching them.
I like animals but this is becoming unbearable. We have a "greenhouse" without sides where we have our flower seedlings. It basically looks like a market stall, where our seedlings are protected from the wind, but have enough light and grow in normal climate.

But as it seems they are not protected from cats. Yesterday when we woke up our seedlings were a mess, all pots were turned, thrown down, plants were stomped. We could clearly see paws inside some of the boxes.

 others were squashed

This is just really pissing me off. I educate my dog not to make any damage, to smell flowers but not to eat them, to walk around the garden without making damage and then a bunch of horny cats ruin seedlings I'm nursing for almost a year. And the worst thing is I have a feeling they are mocking me, they sit 10cm from our door and don't give a f**k about me or Nero barking. I'm really tempted to just open our front yard door and let Nero teach them a lesson or two.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


We just had a hailstorm. The hail lasted around 2 minutes (there was strong rain after) and it was the size of peas but I think we will still have some damage.

I went to see how the garden looks, there is some leaves torn but I can't really see the damage. It's too wet and dark outside to see everything that was hit.

It was falling under a strange angle so there are parts of the garden and yard that didn't get any and some that had a lot.

The same leaf that had water in the morning now has ice inside

I'm just glad it didn't last long, guess we'll see the real damage soon.

Cloudy with showers...I don't think so

Yesterday our weather report for today was and I quote: "Over night and in the morning cloudy with little rain. Later partly sunny with possible showers."
Yeah right, I don't know where this weather was but certainly not here.
We had heavy rain whole night. And when I say whole night I mean it started raining at 1am and didn't stop till noon.
Again we had water running down the garden.

And it continued raining whole morning. I was soaking wet just for walking to the basement to feed our bunnies.

Our plants are also filled with water

Nero like every smart dog hates this kind of rain. He spent whole morning on the couch with a depressed look ☺

It stopped raining an hour ago but I hear thunder so I guess it will start raining again. So much for possible showers.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Turning into vegetarian

Whether I like it or not I think I'll become a vegetarian. Since I can't eat dairy products(I can eat only eggs) and I don't really like meat there is nothing left for me but vegetables and fruits. Or living out of the air and sun :D

Since there will be only rain for the next few days, I guess I'll have to eat something :) So I went to pick some lettuce for tomorrow.

Of course Nero went with me. I like it when he comes, he's a smart dog so he knows only to walk on paths and not to touch vegetables.

The only problem is he always wants to leave before I'm finished. So he goes to the gate and sits there till I let him out. It can be really frustrating when I'm tired from work to climb all the way up just to let him to the house and then walk back down.

Like I said before I'm on vegetables only diet but luckily my boyfriend is even a bigger weirdo then I am so there he always makes something new without meat and dairy :)

Today he made a shake from a banana, kiwi, carrot, apple and cherries

He also added some water and honey.
This is really delicious, and very healthy.

He also made a salad from 2 scallions, 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 radish, tomato and cucumber.

Chop everything together add salt, pepper, oil and balsamic vinegar.

Who said there can't be a lunch without meat :D

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mulching and wind damage

Wind has slowed down this morning. Sadly yesterday didn't pass without damage. We can only be happy that this weather didn't continue.
The most damage was on our balcony. It's turned on the North side and the wind was terrible there.
Almost all of our balcony peppers(chili peppers) got frozen leaves. The temperature yesterday in the morning was around 8°C (46F) but I guess the wind made it much colder.

There is also some frost on mint 

and nasturtium 

It's a good thing our garden is secured with tall trees on both sides so I didn't notice any damage there.

Since I was scything few days ago today I had to mulch the tomatoes with the grass I scythed.

The grass is dry so today I gathered all the grass and placed it around tomatoes and watermelons.

While I was mulching stupid crickets were jumping around me like crazy.

I hate them! I hate them! I just HATE them!
They are the reason my seeds are disappearing, why my seedlings are dying and why half of the leaves are eaten.
They are so ugly even the birds don't want to eat them :(

 Speaking of birds we had an accident in our little bird family. I noticed a few days ago that there were two birdies that weren't in the nest with the others but in one of the corners of our mailbox.
I thought they were hot and got out, today I noticed they were dead. I don't know if other birds threw them out or what happened. I removed them and now we only have 2 birds inside.

Birds that actually look like birds.
Also there is a lot of eggs that didn't hatch. I'm waiting for the birds to leave the nest to steal them :) I don't think they'll want to take them when they move :)