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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

winter is not giving up

It's the end of the March and it looks like it's around Christmas.
Last year we had this

And this year...

I can't even take a photo of our trees cause there is no way I could get in the garden.

It started snowing (again) on Saturday evening and it's still snowing.
I don't even know how much snow there is, and I don't want to know. I spent whole morning shoveling.

Since we have a long fence with 2 entrances I have to clean both entrances. I've spent 3 hours doing it.

 In the end I was so tired that I just made a small snow wall with the rest of the snow. If someone asks it's meant to be here. Nobody needs to know I can't lift my arms to finish cleaning ☺

 Even our seedlings are suffering from this weather. We had 4 sunny days whole month and there is not enough light. Our seedlings are getting leggy and they are still very thin. They are turning to the light and every day we turn the boxes to other side so they grow straight but by the end of the day they are turned to the window again.

We just hope there will be more sun in the April.

You can see how they are all thin and tall.
Upper row is Botinečka žuta, and second row is Amfora, Chilly peppers and Red basket of Fire

Tomatoes also look like they are drunk ☺
First row are Balcony tomato(red),Glacier and Stupice tomato(blue tray)
Second row are Balcony tomato(yellow) and 2 trays of Oregon spring tomato

And in paper pots we have: First row - Black krim
                                       Second row - Costoluto
                                       Third row - Sultan
                               and Brainy tomato (Reisetomate)

 We also have some new seeds that are still in on heater till they start growing (Saint Pierre and Marmande)

I just hope we'll have some warm weather to start digging around ☺

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring where are you?

Last few days we had 2 days of snow, 2 days of rain and today a first sunny day.
This is starting to get really annoying, there is so much water in the soil it will never be ready for planting. And this week isn't looking better. I'm really starting to wonder...where the hell did the spring go?

Only good thing is that house seedlings are doing good, they are growing and getting new leaves

Again we have a window full of seedlings.

And as there isn't much to do because of all the rain I fixed up my old seed suitcase. But like always something had to go wrong and my camera started acting up and taking blurry photos :/

I decided to repaint the suitcase cause it's an old cardboard one and bits of it were now without color and ugly.
I painted it white.

But it was looking too white for me so I decided to decorate it just a bit.
I took a painted paper napkin and decided to do my version of decoupage.
Since I had no decoupage glue at home and also there is no way I'm paying 5€ for a little bottle of it I made my own glue.

There are many ways to make a glue. You can just take a wood glue and add some water in it, or you can cook some water and flour. Or like I did just mix flour and water without cooking. It will glue it together but the rest of the glue can't stay in the bottle and you have to trow it after you are done.

 So I did my decoupage garden napkin and then added some green paint to kill the white and done.

It will be good for some time...till I find a better place for storing bean seeds ☺

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Just when we thought that the snow period is over...guess what..it's back.
It started this morning and it's getting worse by every minute.

My little coffin had snow on it and somehow it got also inside it so I had to take everything out to clean it and place it back inside

 And again there is no way to get in the garden. This weekend we were supposed to prune our trees and now who knows when we will do this.

Now excuse me while I go in the corner and weep all day :(

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reed palm

                                         Reed palm
                                     (Bamboo palm)

One of my favorite indoor plants is a Reed palm. Few years ago my mother got 6 little palm seedlings from her sister. We thought that like all plants few of them will die shortly after transplant but all of them survived and they are getting bigger and bigger.
Now we have a little jungle in the house.

Reed palms are great for improving air quality in the house, some people say that if you place them around furniture they can be off-gassing formaldehyde.

Palms like shady indoors  and moist water. You can water them directly in the pot or sprinkle water offer the leaves but do not leave water in the drip pan cause it can damage the roots.

They like granular fertilizers so you can use them like it says on the box.
Repot palms when they fill the present pot. Soil in the pot should be rich soil for indoor plants.

Palms need pruning so when you see that your leaves turned brown just cut them with a pair of scissors. As you can see I leave whole palm leaf to turn brown, but if you want you can cut every small brown leaf off.

Pests tend to like this plant, mites especially when they infect it just wash leaves with soapy solution.

After some time palms will make small green balls that in the end turn yellow. Those are flowers. They look very decorative on this green plant.

Black krim tomato

                                  Black krim tomato
                            (Black crimson, black crim)

Black krim is heirloom tomato from Isle of Krim on the Black sea.
It's an indeterminate tomato that usually grows form 1,2m -1,8m (4-6ft).

Planting indoors should start 5-7 weeks before last frost.Seeds need 6 - 10 days to germinate on temperature of 21-30°C (70-90F).

After they finish germination lover the temperature to 18°C(65F). Leave them outside one week before transplanting them to the garden.
Tomatoes love full sun and need spacing between 60-90cm(24-36 in)

Like all tomatoes you can mulch them and prune them if you want to. After 75 days every tomato plant will give lots of rich flavored, large purple black tomatoes.

Black krim tomato is an excellent tomato for cooking, or salads. It is a meaty tomato and has very thin skin. Honestly I don't like eating it fresh( I like firm   tomatoes) but for cooking it's great.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Balcony yellow tomato

                                    Balcony yellow F1
                                 (balkonska žuta)

Balcony yellow F1 is a hybrid seed from Semenarna Ljubljana.
It's a little bush tomato with little yellow fruits. This plant can give up to 100 little tomatoes in one bush.

Seeds look like every tomato seeds, they need 8-10 days to germinate.
Best time to plant them is in March or April in damp, well draining soil. Seeds will need temperature of 15-20°C (60-70F)

 When you transplant seedlings make sure they have 50cm(20in) of space between them, or just plant every seedling in it's own pot.
Seedlings can be placed outside on a very sunny place in May after the last frost.

I've had my plants on the sunny side and in the shade and they both grew without any problems.
Like I said before every plant has a lot of fruits. Sometimes it can look like seedlings will break but don't worry they are really strong and can handle the amount of tomatoes.

 Whole plant will grow up to 40cm(15in) as you can see...I have a bigger pot than the plant ☺

Fruits come very early. On the bag it said that they come from June till September. I can say that they were around in late May. They were the first tomatoes we had, also we had them till December. Yes tomatoes were smaller then summer ones but tasted the same and there were many of them.

Tomatoes have from 10-15gr, they are very sweet and tasty. They are very decorative, great for salads, with a dash or salt, or without anything. They are very resistant(they didn't get any disease) If you water them every day they don't have drought problems(spots ad stuff), and I have to say that this is one of my favorite tomatoes.

Red basket of fire

                                   Red basket of fire F1

Red basket of fire is a very decorative, UK breed pepper filled with yellow, orange, red and purple little peppers. But don't let the looks fool you. It's a strong pepper.

One pepper can have from 60 000 - 80 000shu (schoville heat rating)
It grows up to 30cm(12in) and spreads up to 60cm(24in). It's a perfect pepper for balcony pots.

Seeds are small and very yellow.
Plant the seeds between January and April. Seeds need 5-7 to germinate.Like every pepper it likes well-drained soil and air temperature from 15-21°C (60-70F).

Peppers grow till August when they are ready for collecting till first frost.
This pepper can also be grown over winter if you have a sunny and warm place for it.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mysterious potted rose

Yesterday was women's day so I decided to buy my mom a flower. I wanted to buy her Silver wattle but I couldn't find them in any flower shop.
After a long time of searching I was left with little time and nothing to give, until I saw little pots with pretty red roses inside and decided to buy one.

Mum loved it. But I didn't realize till I got home that I have no idea what sort of rose I bought.
Rose was in pretty wrap but there is very little written on it.

All it says is and I quote: "Masion olij rosier du monde" on front side

And "For house and garden. Sunny area, temperature 17-23°C, water regularly,  feed regularly. Not suitable for consumption."

 So I was a bit curious. How big does it get, where do I replant it. Obviously I can't leave it in the small brown pot (roots are already out), how long will it bloom, what with it over the winter.
So I spent 2 hours today searching to find any information about it.
All I could find is that this is a Netherlands rose and by the photo I've seen on the page it could be "Red sensation"
I really don't get it...is it really that hard to write something more about the rose when selling it. All we get are directions that every person with 2 or more plants in their home knows. Sometimes I really feel that the world is treating us like idiots.  Anyway rose will stay indoors for now. And when the summer comes we'll see ☺ 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reisetomate tomato

                               Reisetomate tomato
            (Traveler tomato, voyage tomato, rajčica "mozak")

Reisetomate is a heirloom tomato originally from Central America. This tomato got it's name "Reisetomate" (German for travel tomato) from the people in Central America that took this tomato on journey. They didn't need a knife to eat it so it was very popular.
(I still don't have a photo of my tomato so I borrowed one from www.Plantamundo.com I'll upload mine as soon as I'll have one)

This tomato has very weird shape. First time I heard about it here in Croatia they called it "rajčica mozak" (brain tomato) cause it looks...well it looks like brain ☺
 This tomato is indeterminate. It usually grows over 180cm (70in) and needs a big pole for growing.

Seeds look like all tomato seeds and they need 5-8 days to germinate.
I've planted my seeds on March 1st and today they have first 2 little leaves (6 days)

Planting is also like in every other tomato. I usually use substrate for planting seeds (Klassmann substrate) but they can be planted in soil mixed with manure, or in pot mix. Tomatoes like well draining and humus rich soil.
Tomatoes need water but not too moist or you'll have a soil covered with mold  ☺

Plant needs 80-90 days till it gives first red fruits.
Flavor is very strong, a bit sour it has a lot of meat and it's great for salads.


I decided to make a little seed base. Many times I was looking for information about some plant and couldn't find anything. So I'll make one of the plants I know or have. Hopefully it will help somebody when they end up in same problems.

I decided to start with my favorite flower:

                               (Mirisna kunica, Floss flower)

Ageratum (Ageratum houstonianum) is an annual plant that is usually grown because of it's color and beautiful flowers.
There are many varieties of Ageratums but there are 3 basic colors: white, pink and lavender-blue
It can grow from bushes of 30cm ( 11in) to the big plants that are almost 1 meter tall (40in)
Flowers last from late spring till fall( first hard frost)
Ageratum likes sunny or partly sunny places.

Growing Ageratum is easy. It can go directly outside if you live in warm place.
If you have a climate like mine (hardiness zone 7) then you'll need to plant them in pots first.
Seeds need 5-8 days on 21°C (70F) to germinate and 6-8 weeks to grow. So you can plant them in pots and transplant it after the danger of final frost is gone.
Space between 2 plants should be from 25-30cm (10-12in)
Once outside there isn't much work around it. Ageratum can tolerate drought pretty good so if you water it a few times a week it should blossom whole summer.

I love this flower but I have to say that they can be a but difficult if you have them in the yard. They can grow like crazy, almost like weeds so if you want a garden that has every plant in the right place (French garden) this plant is not for you.
If you want to grow it in balcony pots go ahead. Ageratum is very decorative plant.

Collecting seeds from Ageratum is also easy. Seeds are located under the flower. So when the flower turns brown just brush off the petals and you'll find seeds. Every flower gives many seeds so you can get a lot of seeds every fall.

I have to mention that Ageratum is toxic for grazing animals so plant it where there are no animals that will eat it ☺

Some people say that this flower looks like weed, but if you want a garden that looks a bit wild this is a plant you should have in mind. ☺