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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Homemade salsa

I bring you my homemade salsa recipe. This is just a basic recipe. You can change it or add things inside the way you like it. Some people like to add corn, some chili peppers but this is the part of the recipe you will need to make it.


1/3 of onions and carrots
1/3 of peppers
1/3 of tomatoes and zucchinis

You can see I wrote recipe in parts and not kilos. In kilos it works like this. If you want for example 6 kilos of salsa you will need 1 kilo of onions, 1 kilo of carrots, 2 kilos of peppers and 2 kilos of tomatoes.

Wash and clean the tomatoes and cut them in parts.

if you hate tomato peel than just cut the tomatoes on the top and pour hot water over them.

Leave it for few minutes and then peel them

Wash and clean carrots. You can also add some parsley if you like the smell of it :)

Clean some onions

Wash peppers

 Cut them in small pieces

 Cut some zucchinis

 When you finish cutting place everything in vegetable cutter and cut it to get smaller parts.

Put everything in a bowl (except the tomatoes) and cook it with some salt. I add 2 spoons of salt. Again salt depends on how you like it. You can always add more when it's cooked.

 Cook it till it's half cooked and then add tomatoes

 Cook some more. I can't tell you how long. It depends on how much salsa you have. Just cook it till it's cooked ☺
Also it depends if you want little cubes of vegetables inside or you want it cooked like puree.

When salsa is almost done place jars in oven and heat them (30 minutes on 100°C )

Fill the hot jars with hot salsa.

Cover them and then place them in bowl, or some dish where they can cool overnight. Before placing them take a blanket on the bottom of the bowl, place jars inside and wrap them in that blanket. Place a pillow over it all. This way jars will hold heat for some time and there is no need to place them in the oven again.

When jars cool down you can store your salsa. You can eat it cold or heat it before eating. There is no need for cooking it again. I like to heat it enough to add chili powder inside. I like my salsa hot ☺