2017 Harvest

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Homemade salsa

I bring you my homemade salsa recipe. This is just a basic recipe. You can change it or add things inside the way you like it. Some people like to add corn, some chili peppers but this is the part of the recipe you will need to make it.


1/3 of onions and carrots
1/3 of peppers
1/3 of tomatoes and zucchinis

You can see I wrote recipe in parts and not kilos. In kilos it works like this. If you want for example 6 kilos of salsa you will need 1 kilo of onions, 1 kilo of carrots, 2 kilos of peppers and 2 kilos of tomatoes.

Wash and clean the tomatoes and cut them in parts.

if you hate tomato peel than just cut the tomatoes on the top and pour hot water over them.

Leave it for few minutes and then peel them

Wash and clean carrots. You can also add some parsley if you like the smell of it :)

Clean some onions

Wash peppers

 Cut them in small pieces

 Cut some zucchinis

 When you finish cutting place everything in vegetable cutter and cut it to get smaller parts.

Put everything in a bowl (except the tomatoes) and cook it with some salt. I add 2 spoons of salt. Again salt depends on how you like it. You can always add more when it's cooked.

 Cook it till it's half cooked and then add tomatoes

 Cook some more. I can't tell you how long. It depends on how much salsa you have. Just cook it till it's cooked ☺
Also it depends if you want little cubes of vegetables inside or you want it cooked like puree.

When salsa is almost done place jars in oven and heat them (30 minutes on 100°C )

Fill the hot jars with hot salsa.

Cover them and then place them in bowl, or some dish where they can cool overnight. Before placing them take a blanket on the bottom of the bowl, place jars inside and wrap them in that blanket. Place a pillow over it all. This way jars will hold heat for some time and there is no need to place them in the oven again.

When jars cool down you can store your salsa. You can eat it cold or heat it before eating. There is no need for cooking it again. I like to heat it enough to add chili powder inside. I like my salsa hot ☺

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

garden in august

This summer we had too much heat and it's starting to show all around the garden. Everything is giving less fruits.

Only thing that was really good were potatoes. I've got out the last 4 rows and placed them in our basement.

Also I picked beans. This year there are only a few of them.

I've picked 2 rows of them and got 1 kilo of clean beans.

The ones we placed on the net gave us, well nothing.

We have 2 nets of beans and on one of them beans have just started and by now we should have picked at least 5 kilos.

On the other one there is nothing. Only leaves.

There is only one thing that looks good now. Peppers

Yes, those little peppers that looked awful before are now big and strong.

I guess mulching and watering helped.

In the front yard things are as bad as in the garden.
Grass doesn't exist. Everything is dry.

We have a lot of flower seedlings for next year and we can't plant them

There is no way to plant them in this concrete. Guess we will have to beg for the rain to do something inside the garden.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

plum jam

Past few days were busy. It was the time to harvest plums. We have only 2 plum trees but we got around 30 kilos (1058 oz.) of plums from them. First 10 kilos we used for cakes and eating and other 20 for jam.
As we don't have a bowl big enough to cook all of them first we did only half 

The recipe for this plum jam is really simple
5 Kilos (176 oz) of plums 
1 kilo (35 oz.) of sugar
and then cook cook cook :)

Before you cook them clean all plums and remove the bad ones that have little worms in them 

Like I said before we have 2 different plum trees so We've cleaned them and cook them separately

There are 2 ways to cook plum jam. The usual one where you place them in a bowl and cook them

And the other way where you place them in the oven for cooking. If you hate the mess from cooking (plums can make a lot of mess) and don't mind scrubbing the baking pan, cooking in the oven is a good way to do it.

Both ways are the same. Cook them for 2 or 3 hours ( depends of the size of the plums)

When they are nearly done you can mix them to get rid of the big fruit parts (we don't do that)

If you are cooking in the bowl just add sugar and if you are cooking in the baking pan place the jam in the bowl and then add sugar. You can add sugar to the baking pan but it can be really hard to wash it later and it will be more difficult to fill the jars.
Cook the jam till you think it's enough. You can also add 1 bag of dry pectin if you want but if the plums are good there is no need for it.

Wash the jars and sterilize them 30 minutes on 100°C (212F)

Fill the hot jars with hot jam 

When you filled and closed the jars place them in the oven and leave them inside for 30 minutes (100°C). This way plum jam will be good for at least 2 years ( if you don't eat it before)

I wanted to take a nice photo of the jam when it's done but Nero decided he should be in every photo I take so here it is plum jam and Nero ☺

Even he thinks it smells good when it's done ☺

Thursday, August 2, 2012

weeds weeds and more weeds

Yesterday was the first day after a week I managed to get in the garden. There was a lot of rain last week so now plants are growing like crazy..but that's not all that grows...Weeds grow everywhere.

I wouldn't mind normal weeds but this year we have some crazy weird grass growing all around the garden

the worst part is that this grass has roots that go all the way to China. I can't get them out with hands. So there is nothing to do but to dig them out. It took me 4 hours just to clean all the paths in the garden. I didn't even touch the ones between plants. I was to afraid that I would pull out plants together with the grass.

In the end the only good thing was I had a bunch of grass for the bunnies :)

While I was digging I realized something. Scientists are talking about how ladybugs are disappearing from "don't know what's it's name island" they aren't disappearing. They just moved in my garden. It's unbelievable how many ladybugs we have this year

They even walk on me while doing woohoo :) ( yes I know to much Sims is damaging my brain )

After the rain I was finally able to get some potatoes from the last 2 rows. The soil there was like concrete till now so I went to get it before it turns to concrete again.

I've got a basket of nice big potatoes..I don't know how many there are I was too tired to weight them

Also I got a few of the smaller ones

And one that has a funny shape

While I was in the garden I also decided to get out all the parsnip


 2 Watermelons

And as always tomatoes and cucumbers

There is still a lot of work in the garden but it was getting too hot to do it ..33°C (91F) at 12:00

All the time I was in the garden I had my little helper with me...watching my every move