Monday, January 11, 2021

Shaking and gardening

 We're still shaking daily. It has been 14 days since the first earthquake(13 since the gravely damaging one) and we're still shaking at least twice a day. Since the first earthquake, there have been 408 earthquakes, 44 of those earthquakes have been strong enough to be felt here, 70km(43 miles) away from the epicenter. Since we didn't have any earthquakes over M4.0 in over 120 years, although this is a very earthquake-prone area, we're not really used to all this shaking and this is really affecting us.

The country has declared a state of disaster as the whole of central Croatia has suffered damage from the earthquake. In my municipality town right now we have 3 large buildings with 80 apartments that will have to be demolished, together with a public open school, the courthouse and the land register which is huge damage for a town with roughly 30 000 people. There are also hundreds of houses and buildings that will have to be renovated, luckily they were not damaged beyond repair.  Our house was built to survive the M8.0 earthquake so luckily we didn't have any damage.

The reason why my municipality suffered so much damage although we're pretty far from the epicenter is that we're surrounded by faults. There are 3 big faults right under our municipality and they have pushed the earthquake waves right on us. The shaking of the main earthquake wasn't as strong as in the epicenter, but it lasted 3 times longer than in the epicenter causing lots of damage. The main M6.4 earthquake lasted over 25 seconds here. Also, the quake was very shallow. Only 10km below the surface(6.2mi) making it even more damaging and able to travel big distances. It was felt even in the Czech republic which is 700km away.

Orange lines are faults and smiley face is the location of my municipality

Even though we're still pretty shaken up life goes on and we have to get back to our normal activities. We're doing our normal daily routine with some small quake gaps. The quakes that are under M3.5 are felt here only if you're not doing anything so we barely feel them and the stronger ones aren't as often so we try not to worry too much about them. Luckily my hubby took some vacation time during the holidays so he was home the first few rough days, otherwise, it would have been harder to handle the shakes. 

Another great thing about hubbies vacation time was that he was able to finish the deep digging which I didn't have time to do. On Thursday he finished digging the bean beds and last Saturday he finished the two narrow beds which were left and now we can finally relax since the garden is finished. There is still some digging left, but nothing critical and nothing that has to be done before the winter. 

He really did the digging at the last moment because yesterday we got our first snow this year and judging by the temperatures we'll be having the next 14 days this snow will stay. 

Now it is time to start sowing our seedlings and start preparing for the next season. The gardening season of 2020 is officially over. 


  1. I'm so glad that you didn't personally suffer any damage. Strangely I haven't heard anything about it on our news. Nowadays it only seems to concentrate on Covid and Donald Trump. I hope the worst is over for you.

    1. Central Croatia is not interesting enough to other countries. If the earthquake hit some tourist city we'd be all over the news.

  2. Happy New Year Anna. You HAVE been keeping upbeat despite earthshattering events. I can't resist asking whether Srecko has reacted to the shocks.

    1. Happy New Year. Strangely enough Srecko doesn't care much about the quakes. If they are stronger he just parks his little bum closer to me(just to be on the safe side) and if the shaking is minor he continues sleeping.


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