Thursday, November 19, 2020

Carrot harvest and fog

It's been a month now since we got infected with covid and the first time I went to do some actual garden work. I'm still not 100%, still coughing and a bit weak but I'm feeling much better. There's still lots of work to be done in the garden and I couldn't wait anymore so my hubby decided to help. He's completely healthy and can do more deep digging than I. 

Since yesterday was a holiday here in Croatia we decided to try and do some work. The weather is not helping us and the garden is soaked from the neverending fog. Today is the 11th day in a row that we have fog. There was just one day without fog and that day was rainy with 50mm of rain and as soon as it stopped raining the fog was back. 

Still, we managed to get to the garden so while my hubby removed the leftover poles and started deep digging the wettest bed I went to do the last harvest of the year. 
I still had some leftover brassicas and carrots to harvest. Kale grew its last batch of leaves which I've harvested. I left the plants for next year. Since I've been harvesting last year and this year's kale throughout the year it seemed logical to leave this kale for next year and to remove only the last year's. If it survives the winter great, and if not I'll dig the bed in the spring and plant new plants. 

After the kale, I dag up the rest of the carrots. I've been harvesting them any time I needed them and now the ones that were left will be grated and saved in jars with salt. it was really hard to pull them out since the soil is completely soaked, so I ended up deep digging the bed and removing the carrots while digging. I don't know how many carrots there were but my bucket was full. I'll have to wash them and then I'll count them. 

I also managed to have a third harvest out of the same kohlrabi plant. The plant had time to grow one more head and this is the 3rd time this year it managed to do it. I've removed the whole plant this time. It's getting too cold for the kohlrabi to grow 4th harvest, but even 3 is amazing. 

I've harvested all of the leftover cabbages, some leftover leeks, and onions, and even one brussel sprout plant and this is the last harvest I'll be doing this year. 

Hubby managed to deep dig one bed and now we have 6 more beds to dig. We agreed that we'll each do two beds on Saturday and then we'll have 2 more small beds to finish preparing the garden for winter. If I were doing this alone there would be no way I would be able to finish the garden before January, not with the weather we're having. 


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better - and still on top of the garden!

  2. It’s too soggy to do much digging here. Hope that you carry of improving quickly.


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