Friday, July 31, 2020

Tackling the weeds day 3

After I've cleaned 2/3 of the garden, today was the day to continue the cleaning. I still had plenty to do.
I started cleaning my chard/ex pea bed. 

After I've harvested the peas I've sown some more chard on the top of the bed. It has germinated and it is now finally big enough for the first digging and cleaning. It will be the perfect size for harvest in September when I'll probably finish harvesting my older chard bed which I've started harvesting a week ago. For now, I'm just harvesting the biggest plants to thin out my bed. The smaller ones will continue growing and when I remove all the plants that are overcrowding the bed I'll start cutting the leaves instead of pulling the whole plant.

The rest of this bed is still empty, I've cleaned the weeds, but I didn't dig it. There's no point in digging it since this bed will be filled with cabbage seedlings which are still not ready.

Under my chard bed, I have another small bed with leeks..or onions. I think this is leeks, meaning the bed which I've cleaned at the beginning of the week is actually an onion bed. This is also a seedling bed, when they will be ready I'll transplant them to the winter bed. 

Since this the wettest part of my garden most of the beds here are lettuce beds. There are a few different varieties of lettuce here, but all are winter lettuce. Most of them are out native lettuces or Italian varieties. I also plant zucchinis on my lettuce beds, so my beds are mixed.

I actually never weed the lettuce beds. I let the grass grow because I just scatter the lettuce seeds and don't sow in the rows. This way beds are covered in lettuce and there is no room for weeds. Also if there are some weeds I just pull them out together with the lettuce and by the time I harvest all the lettuce the bed is also clean and I can sow again. 

Finishing all the beds, except for the one that I've sown a week ago, I decided to start cleaning the lower part of the garden, where this year I didn't sow anything. Here I usually have onions, garlic, and flower bulbs I buy on the market, but this year I due to COVID I didn't buy any. So now it's just covered in grass. This is the moistest part of the garden and the hardest to clean. Grass can barely be pulled because the soil is always wet and sticky and the hoe can't be used(for the same reason)

Before and after

This part is so wet that we have the constant company of little frogs. Well, at least there are no slugs in the garden. Slugs avoid frogs and hedgehogs which are daily visitors in my garden.

I managed to clean half of the space, still, I have to clean the part with strawberries, and then I can start all over again. 


  1. Intense sowing has the benefit of keeping the weeds down, as you have proved with your lettuces.

  2. It's good to have help keeping down the slugs


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