Saturday, June 20, 2020

Seven times is enough

This year clearly isn't a zucchini year in my garden. Last year I had first harvests in June, but this year I don't have any mature plants. 
I've sown zucchinis in March in pots and the first sown seedlings froze due to the low temperatures.
The second and third sowing was done in April to the garden and nothing germinated, probably due to the low temperatures. Forth and fifth sowing I did in May and out of many seeds I've sown I got only 2 small plants. Seeds disappeared so I'm guessing something ate them.
So I decided to sow some more seeds and keep them in the balcony until they grow so that I could be sure they will not be eaten.
Even Srećko decided to help and 3 days ago we've sown 2 varieties of zucchinis.

I thought this would be the last time I'll be sowing them but I was very wrong. 
This morning while I went to water the balcony plants I've discovered that some kind of animal managed to take out every single seed and eat it. 

I'm guessing that I had a visit from a mouse or a great tit bird and my pots seemed very tasty. I left a bag of kale leaves and lettuce on the balcony too, but they were intact, as were all the other plants. The only thing disturbed were my zucchini pots. I honestly doubt Srećko was so hungry to eat zucchini seeds, he prefers to take biscuits from the kitchen. 
So I've sown zucchinis for the seventh time this year. I'm hoping this is the last time. I've taken the pots to the house where hopefully they will not become victims of a hungry soul. 

This is the last time I'll be sowing them if there will be no luck this time I guess there will be no zucchinis in my garden this year.

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