Thursday, October 31, 2019

Monthly review. October

October is the month in which my garden starts taking it's winter shape and the season comes to an end. Out gardening season is fairly short because I can't get in the garden before end of March and by the beginning of November there is very little that can be done inside. This October has been unusually hot and has extended our gardening season, the carrots and brassicas are still in the garden and will stay there for a few weeks more. 

In the beginning of the October I've sown spinach and lamb's lettuce and they are coming along nicely. 

I've also started deep digging the empty parts of the garden. I've used the warm weather to dig around the half of the garden. The rest will wait for the carrots and cabbages to be harvested before doing the rest. 

When it comes to flowers all my flowers have stopped blooming, except for the blue Morning glory. This year it started blooming very very late, the plant has o leaves left but the flowers are huge and beautiful. 

In the middle of the month I've planted all my spring bulbs and transplanted some early winter lettuce and onions. 

I've taken out my gladioli bulbs and still need to plant and store lilacs. 

The warm weather moved me from the garden to the woods where I've been collecting mushrooms, it has been a good mushroom season this year. If the temperatures don't drop too low we could get some more mushrooms this year.

This October has been a very mild and nice month. I've managed to do all the things I needed to do and I'll enter November without the pressure of unfinished garden business. Let's hope November will be as nice as October. 

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