Friday, September 20, 2019

Planting more strawberries

Few weeks back my stronger half prepared a new strawberry bed on which I've transplanted my old strawberries. I said that I would fill up the bed with my sown strawberries when they get big enough and today I've transplanted all of them. 

In March I've sown a pack of strawberry seeds I've bought. I wasn't too optimistic because usually this kind of experiments don't go too well, but this time most of the seeds germinated and I got dozens of little strawberry seedlings. 
They were kept on my balcony for the past 4 months and now they are strong enough to survive their first winter. 

I'm sure some of them will die but there should be plenty left. I haven't bothered separating each and every plant, instead I've transplanted them together with all the potting soil.

 My garden is wet enough so I won't need to water them, if it is wet enough for mushrooms it will be wet enough for strawberries. 

Rain hasn't been too frequent, but it has left us with very moist soil and everymorning dew. This is one of the main reasons why I haven't been too much in the garden and my beds are a real mess, but everything is still pretty much alive, except for the cucumbers. 

I should be starting my autumn sowing and preparing for winter but I still can't touch most of my plants. I will need to make a garden plan for next year to know what I can remove and what beds need to be dag first. Every autumn is the same: so many work, so little time to do it. 

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