Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Rolling down my garden has moved

We are proud to let you know that our new page is up and running.
After a few days of hard work most of the important posts have been moved to our new page. It had to be done manually since there is no sync option between blogger and Wix, because of that only important posts have been moved and some have been just deleted.
The instagram profies are also up an running. There are two profiles, one belongs to our garden called rollingdowmygarden and the other is called Just_two_ordinary_dogs which is as you can guess by the name Srećko and Nero's page.
Facebook site will be available by the end of this week and soon we'll also have a Tumblr profile. Youtube profile is still under consideration and will be available as soon as I get a better camera. :)

We thank each and everyone of our readers that have stayed with us over the years, left a comment or just came to read a post or two. We also thank my dear friend Dewberry from Slavic garden who has been a huge help and whose friendship made a huge impact on this blog.

We hope to see at least some of you on our new page and that we'll continue this pretty gardening story.

This blog will stay opened with this post for a few weeks and then it will be deleted.
As of today you can find us at:

Thank you and farewell

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