2017 Harvest

Friday, December 8, 2017

Downsizing seed colection

Over the years I've been a real little hamster collecting every possible seed and making a huge seed base. Now things in my life have started to change and because of that, I'm forced to downsize my collection a bit. Soon I'll start renovating my basement to move in it and since this flat is what you could call a "tiny house" I'm forced to make a few difficult decisions. I'm completely aware of the fact that my collection will keep on growing, but I was thinking that with a bit of better organization and removal of the old seeds I could downsize and get much-needed space.

While I was cleaning my basement I found a bigger shoe box that I thought I could use as a seedbox and an old business card organizer. After dressing the box in wrapping paper, placing all my seeds in simple zip lock bags and throwing too old seeds I managed to downsize all my seeds to fit a single box.

All that was left were my tomato seeds that were taking too much space.
That's when I decided to use the old business card organizer as my new tomato seed organizer.

After removing all the plastic sheets and cleaning the organizer with a bit of hot glue and some old paper my new organizer got a prettier front side.

I've also added a bunch of blank papers that I've attached to the organizer so I could write down important information about my tomato collection.

A few tomato stickers and a wrapping foil to protect it from damage and my new tomato organizer was ready for use.

The best thing is that this new organizer fits perfectly to my new seedbox and I'm not using and more space with it.

I think even Srećko likes my new seedbox 😁

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gardening year 2017 is over

After a very rainy November and me being sick I was almost certain I wouldn't finish my deep digging. There were 14 days of work left and I couldn't be sure I would have so many sunny days.
Although nature was acting like we were at the end of the summer with plenty of sunny days ahead and flowers still blooming like mad I knew this could change on a single night. 

I decided to speed up the work. Usually, I deep dig 20m2 a day but now I had to double the amount to finish on time. Digging was very difficult because the soil is already very very wet, so wet, that in fact in we got another rainy day I wouldn't be able to do any more work until spring. Well, I could maybe do some pots and glasses but certainly not deep digging.

On average I've spent 3 to 4 hours a day in the garden digging and besides of the digging and turning of the soil the thing that is the worst is the fact that when deep digging on a steep hill you have to constantly keep your balance on a wet soil using only one foot. After an hour or two, this usually ends with cramps in my calves. So I took with me my fateful companion "the chair" and took little 2-minute breaks every 15 minutes just to change the position of the leg.

I managed to finish all my deep digging in just 5 days and it was just in time. Just 3 days later we've got our first snow.

 The snow melted just a few hours later but still, I'm glad I managed to finish before it because it only made the soil even wetter. With finished deep digging this season is over and now we can start preparing for 2018. Let's hope it will be better than this year.