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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Racing with the snow

This gardening year has been a real challenge. After a cold spring and a very warm summer, these past few weeks of the fall have been very moody. We haven't had too cold mornings or afternoons, actually, the temperatures were very mild for this time of the year. What has been troubling us have been extreme amounts of rain. We got our monthly rain amount in just a few days and since then there hasn't been a week without the rain.
Of course, this has been making the garden work almost impossible.
I've started deep digging a month ago and up till now, I haven't made much progress. Most of the time soil was too damp to do anything and it was basically a struggle to even stand on the downhill beds.

To make things worse I've been sick for the past two weeks which means that I have not done any work and that my garden has been stuck half finished.
I still haven't removed the bean net which is a whole day work on its own and have still 14 days more or less of deep digging.

I have absolutely no idea if I'll manage to finish the garden because I'm still not feeling good and the weather keeps getting worse. Right now we're having cold days with lots of rain and wind but the worse thing is that the snow border is getting really close to our place and all I can do is sit and watch.

I did manage to harvest everything in the garden. Due to the warm but damp weather, I had to harvest all my tomatoes while they were still green because they began to crack due to the excess of water.
On the other hand carrots and cyclanthera have enjoyed this kind of weather and I've been harvesting them through the October and the first week of November.

The moodiness of the weather is best shown on our raspberries. They have been flowering and producing fruits in November. Yes, we've got November raspberries.

What worries me the most is that young plants that were supposed to give fruits next year in April are flowering like crazy. I have absolutely no idea if they will act normally during the winter and produce fruits in the spring or they will dry out during the winter like 2-year branches. If they start drying I'm afraid there will be no fruits in the spring and possibly I won't have any fruits next year. 

Right now all I'm hoping for is to get better and to have just a few more weeks of good weather and a chance to finish deep digging because if not the gardening year of 2018 will be a real struggle.

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  1. I’ve never heard of cyclanthera. What do you do with it? I hope the snow,keeps off for you long enough, The shoe photo os amazing.


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