2017 Harvest

Thursday, July 27, 2017

We've got rain

Finally, after almost two months of dry and sunny weather, we've got some rain. In the past 3 days, we got over 70 liters of rain which places us back to the average rainfall month even though they were completely unbalanced. In the past 7 days, we also had the hottest day in this July with 36.2°C (officially measured), the second coldest morning with only 12°C and the coldest day with only 15°C.

Fortunately, there was very little hail so there was no damage to the garden, unlike some villages just couple of miles from me that were completely devastated by the hail that was sometimes the size of a golf or even tennis balls.
The rain came on Monday morning with a roaring thunder but without any wind. By the looks of it I was sure we would be hit with hail but as I said there was only few hail pods and that was it.
The amount of rain was nice, but it was still not enough after a long and dry period.

Luckily, the showers continued throughout Tuesday and yesterday so we even got some water problems like flooded yard.

After all the rain we got we woke up to a cold and foggy day like we were transported to the middle of September.

Garden is now completely wet and finally, my plants can recuperate a bit after a long and stressful period.

Like I said there is no damage in the garden, only a few tomatoes that fell down from the wind, but it doesn't matter because they will ripe perfectly fine at home on the balcony.

It is a great feeling to have a break from the constant heat.

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