2017 Harvest

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer is here, peas are gone

 After an average May, June came with style. Most of the month temperatures have been over 30°C, with almost no wind and absolutely no rain. It has been almost 30 days since the last decent rain. The soil is completely dry and my garden is full of cracks.

Summer temperatures are excellent for some vegetables, but others have much shorter harvest time because of them. The most affected are peas that can stop growing and start drying in a matter of days.
Two weeks ago peas were completely green, with big almost full pods and still blooming.

A couple of days later and pea plants started to dry. Once they start drying the best thing to do is to harvest everything. They will not grow anymore, pods will not fill up. They will eventually dry like the plant and the peas inside will turn hard. This is great when you use dry peas for cooking, but if you want them fresh this can be a problem.

This year I had two harvests with a total of 4kilos(8.8lbs) of clean and blanched peas. This means there were around 9 kilos(19.8lbs) of fresh unpeeled ones which is a good result considering I've planted 900gr(1.9lbs) of peas and the fact that many pods did not ripe due to the extreme warmth.

The remaining good pea plants have been used for bunny food and the rest I'll dry completely and use as mulch for my other plants.

Now I'll have to prepare this beds for bean sowing, but there is no point in doing it until the first rain falls. Let's hope it will come soon.

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  1. Our soil is very dry too. Watering has been a major task this year but at least it isn't too hot for out peas - we are still to harvest any but they are growing well.


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