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Saturday, May 13, 2017

When to transplant

Growing frost-sensitive vegetables can be very tricky when living in areas that have long frost seasons. Not only do we need to be careful to keep our seedlings from getting frost bites but we also have to be careful not to sow them too early and to keep them from stopping their growth.

Although most people think that the most sensitive seedlings are tomatoes and peppers, there are more seedlings that are extra delicate and should be planted with care.
Cucumbers and watermelons(zucchinis) are ones of the most delicate vegetables sown throughout the world. Their forst temperatures are around zero, with some varieties that bet damaged even at 2°C.
Also, the big issue is their very high minimum growth temperature. At least 14°C for growth can me very hard to achieve.

Peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes are also very frost sensitive, freezing just below zero but their minimum growth temperatures are a bit lower than the ones for cucumbers so they can be transplanted sooner.

The least sensitive are brassicas and carrots that can stay outside even in very low temperatures, some can even survive winter temperatures. Naturally, they will stop growing but they will not freeze.
Another good thing with brassicas is that they don't get too damaged with freezing. They can still be used normally even after getting being exposed to too low temperatures. As long as they are not kept indoors in between.

According to this data, I've done my seedling transplanting this week.
I still have 50 more tomato seedlings to transplant but they will wait another 2 weeks to get a bit stronger.

Other than these seedlings I've planted and sown everything that had to be planted at this time of the year. Now all that is left for us is to wait and watch how our garden gets greener every day...hopefully not from all the grass and weeds that keep attacking us past few years.

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  1. Leanan, thanks for the summary. I might have sown the cucumber seeds too soon, and although I keep them indoors for when the weather gets warmer, few times they were left outside during the hardening process, and they don't want to grow too well. I haven't been sucessful in growing gherkins though at all.


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