2017 Harvest

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Garden in May

After a very cold April with below average morning temperatures, May has been a very mild month. With the average amount of rain, morning temperatures slightly over 10°C and average daily temperatures there haven't been many problems in the garden.
Everything has been sown, planted and transplanted and all that is left now is to try and get rid of the weeds that are everywhere.

Today I've cleaned my bean beads and covered them with deer protection. Although I've placed a protective branch fence on top of my existing fence to make it look taller I've also placed protective net, just to be on the safe side.

The string beans are on the other side of the garden so I'm hoping they will not get eaten so I'm not placing any protection on it.

Potatoes were cleaned and covered last week and growing nicely.

Peas have started blooming. Villo will come a bit later and American wonder should be ready in a couple of weeks.

The first zucchinis are blooming while the rest of them that were sown directly into the garden are forming their first real leaves.

The only part that will not be cleaned is my small lettuce/onion bed. On this bed I had my potatoes and beans and a big bunch of wild mint started growing during the year. Now I've noticed that the mint is starting to grow again so I will leave it.


 Fruits are starting to bring us first few fruits. Red currants are almost ready for the first harvest and today I've picked first few strawberries.

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  1. Your garden looks so productive! I miss my strawberry patch!


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