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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Frost in May

The usual weather in the beginning of May can be very moody here. From huge amounts of rain to very warm or extremely cold weather. These past few days we had it all.

After a very dry April, May came with lots of rain, we've had a total of two days without rain past week, which is not enough for the land to dry so we could do our work. I've only managed to place a part of the poles, while the ones for my nets are still on the ground waiting to be placed.

The other problem with the beginning of May are is very low morning temperatures. Although right now they are around 8°C, which is not too cold the weather reports say we should get another frosty morning around Wednesday.

This frosty morning could be very deadly to some of my plants because we already got one a week ago and some of my plants have been damaged.
Potatoes got some frost bites, as well as Zinnias and a part of my tomatoes.

The worst thing is that I kept my tomatoes indoors almost every night, but the weather report was wrong, predicting much higher temperatures so I left them outside covered only with agrotextile.
That one night they were out all of the tomatoes that were closer to the fresh air got burned.

The situation with seedlings isn't great but they are still alive and in pots. The worst situation is with sunflowers, cyclanthera and zucchinnis. I should have transplanted them already but morning temperatures are keeping me from doing it. They all freeze on temperatures slightly over zero and with the chance of morning frost transplanting is a huge risk.

So what do we do? The same old story we've been doing whole spring. Covering all the seedlings every night, bringing the delicate ones indoors and if the morning has the frost damage than all of my tomatoes spend the night in the bathtub.
At least they haven't started producing tomatoes yet.


  1. A gardener's plants are sometimes more well-travelled than a lot of people come springtime. It's tiring hauling them in and out, isn't it?
    Hope you warm-up and stay that way soon.

  2. It needs to warm up here too but on top of that it is really dry..

  3. Lots of seedling there! Happy gardening!


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