2017 Harvest

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The same old story every year

 Past few years spring has been a mix of very moody weather starting unusually warm and by the middle, bringing a few very cold mornings. The worst possible combination for plants and trees.
Seedlings start growing too fast and then are stopped abruptly or even killed by below 0°C temperatures.
By the looks of it, this April won't be any different. First 2 weeks we had very warm weather and then on the Easter day weather started changing. Now the new forecast is saying we'll have next few days with very low daily temperatures and below or around zero morning temperatures.

This, of course, means a lot of trouble with frost sensitive plants, especially with seedlings. Many of them stop growing at temperatures below 5°C and freeze on 0°C.
This means that I had to rearrange my seedlings one more time.
Greenhouse is filled with frost senistive flowers and some of the tomatoes and the rest of less sensitive flowers will just be covered with agrotextile.

I still have some tomatoes that were sown late and are small. They have been moved to the house again.

Other tomatoes have overgrowen my greenhouse and are now beeing moved on daily bases in and out of the basement.

Most peppers haven't moved from the windows yet and will be staying here until this frost days pass.

The only seedlings that are strong enough and frost tolerate to be outside are cabbages. They should be transplanted outside but they will have to wait for a few sunny days first.

Now all that is left is to hope this will be the last frost date wel'l have this year.


  1. I think that's why gardeners are always in great shape---hauling seedlings in and out of protection.
    Hope your temps stabilize a bit. Happy Spring

  2. We have the same problem here too.

  3. I'm in complete sympathy - with similar temperatures here in Edinburgh, Scotland

  4. I think you need garden helper. This season is not for our cabbage seedling, lots of seedling have rotten.


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