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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Moody March

March is usually one of the moodiest months in a year. It's weather can variate from extremely cold and snowy to warm and rainy. Usually, we are used to this changes, but after this March I can safely say that this has been one of the weirdest months in a long time.
After a very long period of very low temperatures with the beginning of March summer came storming. In just a couple of days from below zero temperatures we jumped to very warm 20°C (68F) and the temperatures stayed the same almost whole month. The coldest morning was in the beginning of March with -2°C(28.4F) and the rest of the mornings were over the zero and freezing point.
The warmest days brought us temperatures around 25°C(77F) which is very unusual for our country in March. In many places, century temperature records were broken many times over the month.
Besides being the warmest March it was also a very dry one. There was almost no rain in March. We got two days with 2mm of rain in the beginning of March and later not a single drop.

Did this kind of weather affect my garden? Yes, it certainly did.
Although this warm weather brought good sowing conditions the lack of rain is delaying the germination of plants. It has now been three weeks since I've sown my carrots, peas and onions and still no plants. Today I've noticed that the peas are finally showing.

Warm weather is doing wonders for all the trees and flowers. Still, even here the extreme heat is visible. Everything is blooming at the same time. The Bleeding heart which usually blooms here around the end of April is already in full bloom together with all the trees and summer flowers.

The unusually warm weather is giving me troubles with my seedling too. It's been too warm lately so we stopped heating the house.
The moment we stopped heating my seedling started getting leggy so even though is too early I've moved them into my outside greenhouses. If the temperatures drop I will bring them back inside but for now, tomatoes are staying outside.

Flowers had to give the greenhouse room to tomatoes

Peppers are also not too pleased with this weather. Temperatures are prolonging the germination time since I don't have the temperature over 25°C indoors. I've moved them to the window which is in full sun during the day hoping this will help them grow.

Now my main concern is that the weather will change drastically during the April and that we'll get frost temperatures again. Let's hope the moody March weather will continue during the April but with more rain.


  1. I've had the same thing in Cornwall (UK) - strange weather - one day like Summer - the next like Winter! Also seedlings getting leggy - and I'm moving them about - some currently on the windowsill indoors to get maximum light - some outside in the garden. I like your blog - keep posting. :-)

  2. You will have a bountiful tomatoes next!

  3. We had literally no winter here, but then March has brought our coldest days of the winter and lots of sleety snowy nasty weather. It makes me wonder how the trees and other perennials will handle this all. Certainly it can't be good for them........

  4. Weather is noticing if not unpredictable.


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