2017 Harvest

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Growing strawberries where they want to grow

A few years back I've had a big garden bed full of strawberries. They were the type of berries that gave fruits throughout the summer and we've had plenty of them the whole year.
then something happened and they started disappearing. Feeding them with fresh soil and manure didn't help, using different methods of weed protection didn't help either and after a while, we were left with no fruits.
Then my mom bought other strawberries but they were not the same variety and this new one gave fruit only once a year.
Also, the new strawberries didn't like our garden so they also started disappearing so we did the only sane thing to do. Took them out and planted them in pots.

For the past 5 years I've had strawberries only in the pots, but past year something changed,
First I've noticed that on my old strawberry bed there were lots of new, young strawberry plants. I thought it would be a good thing not to touch them and see if they will produce any fruits.

Then I thought why not try transplanting my potted strawberries to the garden too. So I made a little experiment. I planted 2 strawberry bushes on one part of the garden. I didn't even make a bed for them. I just removed the grass and planted then in a first shaded place I could find.

When the flowering time came I was really surprised, both self-grown strawberries and my planted ones had plenty of flowers and soon after that, they were filled with fruits. They gave fruits only once but they were still delicious and very very large fruits.

So this year I decided to transplant the rest of my potted strawberries to the same spot where I've planted my strawberries last year.
They grew over the last year so now I got plenty of new strawberries.

I did the exact same thing like I did the last time. I didn't bother with bed preparation and weed removing. I just prepared a hole, placed some manure and planted my strawberries.
It seems that the less I mess with them the better they grow.


  1. I gave up on berries here---the birds and slugs and chipmunks got them . I'm considering trying in pots.
    Did you have to water the pots a lot?

  2. What a strange strawberry story! Ours have never self seeded - they produce plenty of runners. There again, we don't leave any fruit for them to sow their seeds.


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