2017 Harvest

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The beauty is in details

Spring is finally here.
Although we had a very warm March nature can't be fooled and there were no blooming trees or flowers until this week. Now that the spring came nature is showing it's first signs of awakening.
Orchard is filled with Alpine squills, Primroses, Lungworts and Sweet violets.

Wildflowers aren't the only ones waking up. Bergenia, Forsythia, Hyacinths and Daffodils are bringing the much-needed color to our still gray gardens.

Trees are also slowly waking up, although there are still no green trees in the woods, fruits have started forming their first flowers. Apricots, Pears, Plums and Peaches are starting to dress our trees in beautiful and gentle petal dresses


  1. It's clearly visible that your spring is 2-4 weeks ahead of mine :D Mine is in the stage of blooming crocuses, and forsythia is just getting ready to start flowering.
    I love your flowering plants, especially these white/lemon primroses. I had these once in the garden but they disappeared :( I don't know why.

    But, for me, the most beautiful flowers are the fruit tree blossoms!

  2. The colour of the squill is lovely.

  3. It looks lovely indeed. Bergenias, forsythia, daffodils and hyacinthus are playing the main role in my garden too. Next it will be time for tulips :)


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