2017 Harvest

Saturday, March 4, 2017

It's pepper time

Unusually warm weather is drugging me outside of the house and giving me a perfect excuse to start seedling season. This year I decided to sow later than last year, peppers in the beginning of March and tomatoes will be sown in late March.

I've sown my usual amount of chilli peppers. For my front yard I've sown 30 seedlings of peppers that are mostly small bushy types or extra hot ones. They are Bhut Jolokia chocolate, Peter pepper, Aji lemon, Red basket of fire, Naga morich, Piri piri, Naga tezpur and unknown variety that grew 2 years ago in my garden.
In my vegetable garden I'll be planting 120 seedlings. The biggest amount of seedlings belongs to Kecskeszarv(60s) and Rapires(30s), the rest of the peppers are Bishop's crown, Pasilla bajio, cayenne purple, De Arbol and Beaver's dam.
As for the sweet peppers I'll be planting a total of 200 seedlings. With some leftover seeds of Elf Zielonki, Elefantormany and Sweet banana I've also sown Sarga Szentes, Boni and Edesalma.  I was planning to sow more but I had an unusual problem with my seeds. I didn't buy enough. I bought two bags of Boni and Edesalma pepper, but I forgot to check the amount of seeds per bag. The Boni seeds are much bigger than the Edesalma and my bags contained less seeds than I thought. Still I guess 200 seedlings should be enough.

I've also filled one of my shelf greenhouses. Temperatures are high enough to start growing my summer lettuce, cabbages and a part of my flowers.

I haven't sown lots of lettuces this year. Only Tatsoi, 2 types of mustard and Komatsuna. The rest will be sown directly to the garden this year. As for the brassicas I've sown cauliflower, Romanesco broccoli, kale(Fringed and Scarlet) and cabbages. This year the amount of cabbages is slightly bigger than the lars years. Together with the Kalibos, Wakefield and Greyhound which were sown last year, this year I have Durham, Ditmar, and "Earliest of all".

When it comes to flowers I've sown the frost resistant ones, perennials that when sown early bloom the first year and few grasses.
The biggest amount of seeds sown belongs to Zinnias(Candystripe, Snowman, Imperator, Persian carpet, Golden dawn and Eldorado) and Matthiola incana(white, linght pinka nad violet).

As for the first year blooming perennials I've sown Malva Moshata, Platycodon, Verbena bonariensis, Tritoma and Coreopsis(red and Mayfield). The rest are annual flowers (Gypshophila paniculata, Nicotiana, Larkspur, Irish bells, Celosia, Cleome, Cosmidium and Calendula) and few grasses(Carex grayi, michanthus and coix lacryma).

Peppers are now heating next to my fireplace, hopefully they will germinate soon so when the time for the tomatoes comes I'll have no more peppers on germination.


  1. You have really got going haven't you? Our seed sowing will heat up throughout March.

  2. I can't belive it you have so many pepper seedlings! Last year I had about 100, but this year I'll have only about 30. Harvest from 100 pepper plants was a bit too rich for us, and we didn't use all of it. On the other hand I think 30 plants is not enough, but we'll see :D

    I'm happy that you sowed the flowers I'd sent you, I'm planning to sow them next week, I hope they'll germinate nicely :)


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