2017 Harvest

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Planning a new gardening year

Growing a vegetable garden involves lots of planning. Every gardener plans how much seeds he needs, when he needs to start sowing to give his plants best conditions and how many seedlings and supporting nets and poles he needs. When you also add the good/bad neighbour, crop rotation and full sun full shade plant selection you end up with a lot of February hours spent sketching and planning.

My garden doesn't change much over the year because of my limited rotation possibilities. As right side of the garden is in full sun and left side full shade I can only rotate my plants from upper to lower part of the garden.
This year on upper part of the garden(left side) I'll be sowing beans, zucchinis and lettuce. Since I've been having problems with lettuce bolts  past few years due to the extreme warm weather during the spring I will try making them an additional cover to keep them cool.
On the right side I'm planning 3 beds one with tomatoes, one with 2 cucumber nets and one mixed with chilli peppers on top and carrots and onions on the bottom

The lower part of the garden will contain 7 rows of potatoes and one row of peas on the left side.
Right side will have 4 beds. One sweet peppers bed, one tomato bed, 1 row of peas and one bed with string and bush beans.

Extra space on the beds will be filled with sunflowers, amaranth, corn and flowers.
Due to the extremely poor flower season last year this year I have to sow lots of flowers.
I have so many varieties both annual and perennial for sowing that I had to separate all my seeds to different little bags to know when to sow which varieties.

The frost resistant and the slow growing flowers will be planted in the beginning of March, the slowly growing frost tender plants will be sown in early April. In middle of April I'll be sowing all my frost tender normal growing plants and the biannual and perennial plants that don't bloom the first year will be sown in June or July when the seedling madness is over.
For now I have slightly over 90 varieties of flowers for this and next year. Let's just hope this year will be better and my plants won't freeze.

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