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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Azoychka - the yellow queen of high altitude gardens

Azoychka, also known as Golden borage(Zolotoy Borago) was first discovered by an amateur gardener Kruglova in 1980. The name of this Russian heirloom has been a big debate during the years.
Russian word "Азоюшка" (meaning Azoyushka) has been incorrectly transcripted to "Azoychka".
Although the rest of the world now knows this tomato as Azoychka in Russia you will still find it under the name Azoyuska or simply as "Azochka".

Unlike other yellow varieties, Azoychka doesn't have a strong sour taste. Its flavor is a mix of mildly sour, meaty and fruity taste. The firm skin of the tomato makes it ideal for making salads, using sliced in sandwiches and transporting.

The plant itself is no different than most of the tomato plants, regular leafed, indeterminate and grows up to 1.8m (5.9oz). Its height depends on the climate in which the tomato is grown.

Azoychka likes colder climate, it's ideal for high altitude gardens but it can be grown in almost every environment. In my garden, it is grown in summer temperatures that can reach over 40°C(104F). The difference is that the plant is usually a bit smaller, less bushy and produces smaller fruits.
When it comes to diseases Azoychka puts up a pretty good fight. It is resistant to most of the diseases and can battle late blight very well. Of all my varieties last year Azoychka was one of the few that didn't show signs of late blight.

Azoychka fruit is medium-sized, round to oblate beefsteak. The weight of the tomato is approximately from 150 to 300gr (5.2 to 10.5oz). If the plant is plucked at the top fruits can be up to 450gr(15.8oz). Its color varies from bright lemon yellow with green patches to slightly orange or even orange-red if the fruit is fully ripe. One plant grown in perfect condition can give up to 50 fruits per plant.

This variety has a very short maturing period of only 60 to 80 days. It can be sown indoors a month before the last frost date and then transplanted to the garden. If sown for greenhouse cultivation the variety can be sown in February and will be one of the first tomatoes to give fruit.

Azoychka produces lots of seeds in its meaty middle and one fruit should contain enough seeds for every hobby gardener.

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  1. I grew this tomato 2 years ago, I liked it. I liked eating the fruits when they weren't fully ripe, so the taste was a bit more sour. I like such tomatoes :)


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