2017 Harvest

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January statistics

When gardeners think about January they usually imagine a month in which they take their well deserved rest.
For me that's taking snow walks with my dogs, shovelling, sleeping extra hours, gaming and reading books. All that you usually don't get to do when your days starts before sunrise and summer heat.
This January gave me plenty of time to do almost everything on my list.

As opposed to last years January that was very mild with almost no snow, this January came in hard and showed us it's full power.
We didn't have too many snow days this January. We got 2mm (0.19in) on 5th January and 26cm (10.2 in) of snow between 12th and 16th January, but because of the very low temperatures the whole amount of snow is still present even 15 days later.

Temperatures this January have been well below the average in whole country. The temperatures below zero have caused a lot of damage especially in Mediterranean parts of Croatia where frost has killed all the plants and froze the water pipes. In Croatian inland regions we are better prepared for below zero temperatures so damages were almost completely prevented but it was still hard to cope with this kind of weather.
We had periods of very cold air coming from Siberia which brought almost polar temperatures to Croatia. First major period was from 07.01 to 12.01 when temperatures were constantly under 0°C and daily temperatures didn't climb over -4°C(24F). In this period we also had our lowest morning temperatures on January 10th and 11th -18°C (-0.4F)

In whole January we had only 7 days with daily temperatures slightly over 0°C and only 2 warm days. The biggest extreme change of weather happened on January 13th when a burst of south wind lifted our temperatures sky high. In just one hour our temperatures jumped from -4°C (24F) to 14°C (57F). Two hours later a burst of north wind brought us new below zero temperatures and snow blizzard. The biggest north wind gust was 10m/s.

Of course January had to leave with style so yesterday we got 3mm freezing rain to help us get full winter experience. Lets hope February will treat us a bit nicer because we already had to get some extra heating wood.


  1. Sounds like it was a rough month for you.
    We had the opposite problem--temps well above normal, and hardly any snow. I worry about the lack of moisture in
    the ground for the upcoming growing season.
    We live in interesting times........

  2. We haven't had snow just gloom and drizzle.


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