2017 Harvest

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I'm a seedoholic

Over the years I've started developing a passion for seeds. For me they are not just "a seed" that gives you a nice big fruit. Seeds are the beginning of a wonderful journey through magic land called garden.

In the beginning I had a small box with few varieties of vegetables. I've sown the tested varieties that worked.

But then my mum introduced me to a wonderful new world called vegetable varieties. I started adding more seed bags, starting with few new tomato varieties, some chili peppers, few different cabbages. Soon my collection grew from one box to a box and a suitcase where I mostly kept boxes of home collected seeds.

As my collection grew I noticed that having a bunch of plastic bottles and boxes wasn't very practical so I switched to a seed organiser where I kept my seeds neatly organised in plastic .

Soon my organiser was too small and two years ago I switched to shoe boxes, one for flowers and one for my vegetables. To save space I started using ziplock bags and small paper bags.

This year I noticed that even my boxes are getting too small. I have no more room left in my boxes, they are packed.

For now I have no solution(maybe a third box) so I just stuffed all my seeds into a plastic basket I got for my harvests.

But this made me wonder how many seeds do I actually have. So I stared counting.
I ended up counting over 100 tomato varieties, around 50 pepper varieties, a bunch of cabbages, pumpkins and a whole little mountain of flowers.

The total was 415 bags with different varieties,
415 without the onions, beans and peas which I buy every year and sow without saving any.

You'd think that would stop me from buying new seeds...guess again. Of course I bought new seeds. The moment I enter a seed shop I lose my mind, I get dazzled  by all those pretty little bags and the smell of seeds and I have to get more...cause you can't start a gardening year without new seeds.

And on top of all my seed collection my friend Dewberry from Slavic garden helped to make my collection even bigger by sending me a bunch of wonderful flower seeds.

So I guess I should say Hi! I'm Leanan and I'm a seedoholic! But a seedoholic that enjoys every single minute of her seed craziness and doesn't plan to stop collecting seeds.


  1. I think being a "seedaholic" is a wonderful thing to suffer from.......................

  2. It is seriously addictive. I thought we had lots of seeds until I saw your stash.

  3. Hi, I'm Dewberry and I'm a seedoholic too :D But I love it!
    You have a nice collection of seeds, I'm happy that I could provide you with some more interesting seeds ;)


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