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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Recycled bird feeder

Living in woods brings you closer to all the animals that surround you. Without even noticing you start leaving food for deer, rabbits, hedgehogs and birds. Winters are especially hard for the birds that stay here and don't move to warmer places so we try to help them as much as we can.

For years now we have been feeding birds on our balcony. It first started with a simple dry breadcrumbs placed on the flower board and later we added a feeding box for them to feed during the blizzards. Many birds noticed that there is always food on our balcony and right now we have around 10 different birds feeding here.

The problem started when sparrows started coming to our feeding place. Usually sparrows were in our front yard and tits, robins and woodpeckers were in our back yard. Now sparrows started coming to our back yard to feed and they chase away other birds. This meant that I had to make another feeder in my front yard so that all the birds would be happy and fed.

There are lots of different ways to make a bird feeder but I decided to make a "gardeners feeder".
We always have old gardening material, old pots and plates so I thought to use some of my damaged pots to make 2 feeders.
I didn't want to complicate much so I decided to make it as simple as possible.

All I used for two feeders was one plate, two containers, some natural string and one flat washer.

The first one I made was meant to hold dry breadcrumbs. I wanted something similar to a chicken feeder.. To make it cut the container in 3 places and made holes for the bread, then place a string inside and place a plate on the string.
The only tricky part of this feeder is that once the plate is on the string it has to be tied up really close to the plate otherwise it would separate and all the crumbs would fall out. To secure it even more use flat washer to hold the string really close.

 Once it is done all that is left is to fill the feeder with food and hang it. I've left lots of crumbs outside so my birds would notice there is new food feeder hanged, but there's no need to leave it outside, you can fill ti up and birds will get the crumbs our by themselves.

My other feeder was meant to hold "wet" food. I wanted to make a feeder that would hold a mixture of crumbs, seeds and fat. Birds love animal fat and it is excellent for them during the winter. To make a feeder all you need is a container and string.

Place the string inside the container and make enough knots for the birds to be able to stand and eat.
Once the feeder is done make the bird food. Mix crumbs and seeds together and then add some fat inside. I have used pork fat. Mix it until you get a mixture that looks like dough, don't make it too dry or too wet otherwise it will fall out of the container.

Fill the container leaving the string hanging from the middle and press it firmly so it would stick to the container. Hang your new feeder.

I'm hoping this will stop my birds from fighting over food and that next year I'll have new pretty nests all around my house.

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  1. One of our main tasks other than keeping the feeders replenished is thawing out the bird bath an frosty mornings. watching birds bathe in freezing cold water makes me shiver.


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