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Thursday, October 20, 2016

What do to when it's raining? Upcycle old sofa cushion

Rain and cold have been keeping us in the house since Monday. There is not much to do right now, except for usual housework so I'm trying to keep myself busy with new little projects.

My dogs also hate this kind of weather. Srecko spends his days on my bed, but also he likes to sleep under my desk while I work. I was trying to find a solution to keep him from sleeping on the floor and finally few days ago I came up with a solution. I had some leftover sofa cushions that I wasn't using. I found one that was perfect size and Srecko seemed to like it. But my little devil started chewing his new bed so I had to do something to stop him from ruining it. I found a piece of fabric I had stored in my wardrobe and decided to fix his new bed.

After removing the old cover, I placed new protective fabric over the foam, then fixed the old cover and dressed it in new cover. I though about throwing the old cover but Srecko likes to chew everything that is soft and spongy so leaving the old one seemed like a good idea, just to make his job harder.

New cushion was placed back in the place of the old one and it looked good under the table.

But it seems that Srecko doesn't like it. He sniffed whole bed, gave me an angry look and left. He wasn't on it since. I'm hoping he will return to the bed when he stops being so angry at me :D


  1. Dogs are so contrary aren't they?

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