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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tomato trouble

This has been a very though year for tomatoes. From an early start year has been very cold with temperatures around the 0°C so my tomatoes had a slow start, which continued with June in which the ground was too cold and there was too little sun for them to grow adequately. The beginning of July brought big amounts of rain and temperatures above 25°C which are perfect for early blight, so this also slowed down my tomatoes.

All this combined to give me one of the latest first harvests so far. Most of my tomatoes are just starting to ripe and some of them still haven't had first red tomatoes. So far the most tomatoes I have harvested were black and small red ones while big red varieties are having trouble with getting red.
We're also having problems with cracking of the fruit due to the excess water we've been having. I try to harvest my tomatoes before the rain. I collect every tomato that shows a bit of colour but still if we get 2 or 3 days of rain the ones that were green before have cracks by the time I can get in the garden again.

Morning fogs aren't helping also so there is lot of diseases in the tomatoes. Viva Italia is again struck by the blossom end rot. Every year when the weather is not tomato perfect it gets infected. Other varieties are starting to show rotten spots on the fruits too.

As if the year was not bad enough I will not be collecting any seeds this year. The reason is simple, I have no idea which variety is where.
Like every year I wrote small labels and placed them by each pole to know which variety is where. Only this year my pen wasn't waterproof like it was supposed to be. Now I have a bunch of white little bits with no or hard to read names on them.
I guess I'll have to do with the seeds I saved last year and try to acquire new seeds from some varieties I used this year.

This could be Pierce's pride...or mountain pride. all I can see that it is an indeterminate tomato...like 170 others :D

Still I'm happy that I harvest few tomatoes each week. Enough to eat them fresh. I won't be having any tomatoes for cooking but still will be happy with what I get.


  1. You have a beautiful variety of tomatoes. Sorry about the problems with them this year, but at least there seems to be enough for fresh eating. Enjoy!

  2. I´m always amazed about the variety of tomatoes you have. I also have lots of cracked tomatoes, good for soup or sauce. I wonder if there are real waterproof pens, I always label my dahlias and other tubers in autumn but in spring I never can read the names, they have fade away.
    Despite all the troubles I wish you happy gardening and hope that the harvest of your other vegetables is better.

  3. So various tomatoes! It seem you have do so many things to keep your plants safe. I often loose the name tag of the plant that we grow. That's really annoying.


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