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Friday, August 5, 2016

Not all weeds are just weeds

Past couple of years I've been desperately trying to grow mint in my garden. I've tried many different varieties and they we're all equally unsuccessful. Potted mint grows well but the amounts that I can get from it are just for decorative purposes and giving a bit of taste to cakes and meals. Mint in my garden grew good first year but it never self seeded and I always got only the amount I've sown.
But this year is a bit different and brings lots of surprises.

This summer has been very moist. We now have regular weather circles. Nice weather from Wednesday to Friday and the  Saturday to Tuesday showers and rain with big temperature drop.We go from daily 35°C to 20°C in just couple of hours.
While my tomatoes hate this kind of weather, weeds enjoy this moist summer and grow like mad.
I have been away from my garden almost 3 weeks due to a nasty spider bite on my foot which prevented me from wearing shoes and I couldn't do much garden work. I've just been harvesting vegetables that had to be harvested and that was it.
Under this circumstances of course my garden turned into a weed jungle.

I've started cleaning up the beds, with exception of potato and bean beds. This beds will soon be harvested so there's no point in removing the grass when I'll be digging the whole bed in search for potatoes.

While I was cleaning my onion bed I notices that after pulling a bunch of weeds there was a strong minty smell all around me.

I looked closer and discovered that there it was a mint...whole field of mint in my garden. And it was everywhere, in between cabbages, potatoes, beans, even on paths.

I guess even spider bites can be useful sometimes cause without it I would never let the weeds grow so much and I wouldn't have huge mint harvest.

 Now it's time to dry it and we'll have plenty of homemade mint tea for this winter.


  1. What a nice surprise! Mints can be fussy in some spots and a real "thug" in others. Enjoy!

    1. Oh I will enjoy them, although I have no idea how they got to that part of my garden.

  2. We have to grow our mint in pots as otherwise it takes over!

    1. I'm guessing that's cause she likes the rain you get. I wish I could grow it like that here, I really like mint.


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