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Friday, August 26, 2016

My garden is always full of life

My garden is always a place full of life. Birds singing, little bugs and butterflies flying, even an occasional unwanted visit from a deer or two. My dogs are also an everyday sight in my garden.
Srećko usually goes in the evening to dig the holes around the garden and roll around my bean beds.

Nero on the other hand doesn't like to be in the garden too long. He usually goes back to the house after 10 minutes, but sometimes he turns into a playful puppy. Only problem is he usually decides to play in my carrot bed.

There are also some visitors in my garden that only come to feed on the nuts. Like a family of squirrels that lives in the woods nearby. They jump around from tree to tree but their favourite tree is my walnut tree. So far I've noticed 3 of them jumping around but they are hard to catch with a camera. I managed to catch one while it was stealing cherries.

From time to time during the night I also get visits from few frogs. They like to go to my garage, I don't know why. It seems they have something to eat there.

But the most noisy visitor in my garden is actually the most quiet one. In the woods there is a hedgehog that likes to walk around my front yard. This wouldn't be a problem if Nero wouldn't get a nervous break each time he sees one. Nero likes all animals, birds eat his food, mice run in front of his nose and he doesn't react, but as soon as he sees a hedgehog he flips. Last week he ruined my whole front yard flower bed trying to get the hedgehog to play with him. Poor hedgehog didn't like his game so I had to put him in the basket and take him back to the woods. He got back the next night so we repeated the chase game again.


  1. We get quite a bit of wildlife too but for some reason there has been a distinct shortage of butterflies this year.

  2. Interesting! Your neighborhood is still so natural.


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