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Monday, June 6, 2016

When you don't listen to your instincts

Today while I was walking home I came across my neighbour, after few minutes of pleasant chitchat she asked me how my garden was doing. She mentioned that her garden was devastated by roe deer and that she had nothing left.
I had no idea about the surprise waiting in my garden.
Yesterday my garden was still ok, everything was growing nicely

and today....a disaster

Note: net was added today after the damage
 All 4 of my bean beds have been chewed down. Roe deer left me only one row of Trešnjevac beans

The rest is gone

Zelenček got less damage, probably because it was the first to germinate and some leaves are already old.

Purple king and wax beans gone

String beans young leaves eaten but the old ones still standing.

They even gobbled my apple branches

So what do you do? Except cry for ruined garden. I decided maybe something will recuperate and I placed a protective net...net which I had at home and DIDN'T place. Net which was hanging in a bag on the fence and never got to be placed. First I didn't have the branches to place it and later with all the problems I completely forgot. Well this will teach me a lesson. Place the damn net even if there are no roe deer around.

I've also placed tall bushy branches on my fence to make it look bigger and more dangerous. I don't know if this will help but maybe it will confuse this crazy animals because they are clearly jumping over the fence(there are no holes on the fence).

 Now I'm doubting if there is any point in sowing new batch of beans. I still have enough seeds, but what is the point if it will all get chewed.


  1. Oh, I"m so sorry about your garden.
    Just 2 days ago, I was congratulating myself on no deer. Last night, they visited and shredded a fine stand of hollyhocks.
    They must have been "busy" with their young for a bit, but now they're back in droves and hungry.
    Hope your stuff recovers. Best of luck

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope everything will be better soon

  3. Oh what a disaster, deer in your garden.... Can imagine you are in doubt of sowing new beans, I can't give you advice, you can try with protection of more nets. Pfft you have a job to do and done already. Hope your vegetables recover from the attack.

  4. Oh no! What naughty deer! I hope your netting keeps them out from now on!


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