2017 Harvest

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This year is all about catching up

Due to some health issues in my family I have been away from my garden almost 2 weeks. Being away in May is always a problem because all planting work is done in May. I did manage to do some of the work I planned but many things have been left unfinished and are waiting for better times.

I managed to plant my peppers and tomatoes. Peppers are now on two beds. Chilly peppers are now on the lower part of the garden and sweet peppers are on the upper part so they don't get mixed.

Tomatoes have been transplanted last week, but due to the moody weather we're having I decided to cover them with protective textile. I made little covers on top of my beds so that my seedlings would be safe in case of a storm.

This was a good idea because last week we got some pea sized hail. The damage in the garden was minimal because it came from the side that is protected.

The worst damage was in my front yard where most of my flowers lost the stems and are full of holes. That is why my front yard vegetable pots are now also covered.

I managed to get some time and clean my potato bed.

Actually it took me 3 days to clean it, not so much because of the lack of time but because this past few weeks have been very wet and soil is not drying as it should. This means that the parts of the garden are too wet to work on them.
Like for example my bean beds. I managed to clean some parts of my beds like the one with my Zelenček beans

and a part with Purple King beans. But as you can see the rest is still covered in grass.

If I manage to get in the garden this week I will try cleaning up the rest of my bean bed and my cucumber bed and then I will be done with everything that had to be done in May.

Of course if the rain stops because today it's rain day again.


  1. Oh dear--I would like to "borrow" some of that rain. We've had the opposite problem here---NO rain.
    It's all or none, isn't it?
    Hope you can get back into the garden soon

    1. It's the same here, either we get a year with enormous amounts of rain(like this year when we already passed the yearly amount) or we don't get rain at all.
      I'll cross my fingers so you get some rain soon

  2. It's a little bit like in England with the rain. I can't compare the temperatures though. 11'C today all day-crazyness. I'm keeping my tomatoes in the greenhouse!

    1. Yes, daily temperatures are higher here, mostly over 20°C but higher temperatures we get the stronger storms hit us.

  3. Gosh, what a big vegetable plot you have to keep up! It must keep you very busy!
    You must be so glad you protected your young plants from the hailstones as it would have ruined them.
    Happy gardening!

    1. Vegetable plot is around 470 square meters(5000sq ft)
      If I could I would dress my whole garden in one big sock so it doesn't get damaged by the wind or hailstones. But since I can't do that I'm thrilled that I managed to protect my seedlings :D


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