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Friday, June 24, 2016

Seed disgrace

 Past few years our seed situation has changed drastically. Few years back we have changed our laws and now we can import seeds from Europe without testing their quality.  With no control and no Croatian seed production we're flooded with seeds that don't match the description, have low quality and often don't germinate.
So far I've noticed bad germination in carrot seeds, pepper seeds that had 10 different pepper varieties inside one bag and wrong variety of beans in bags.
Situation with cucumber seeds has been getting worse each year. First year all bags contained less seeds than they used to have, they used to have 5gr while now they have only 3gr, also last year germination was very bad, less than 50% germinated.
But this year seeds are...well there's no other words to describe them but RUBBISH.

Because of my last year seed problems, this year I placed 2 nets each 10m length to compensate for any germination problems. I've also bought 7 bags of cucumbers, 4 different varieties and 4 different seed packers.
Still the results are disappointing.

The only good seeds were Joker F1 by ZKI company(Hungary). I bought 2 bags, each bag contained 60-70 seeds.

This seeds have mostly germinated and are doing well.

Next are Aladyn F1, Vilmorin(Polish), packages contain 2gr of seeds. Bought 2 bags.

We could say that the result is 50%. One bag germinated very well, but other one didn't even reach 50%

Levina F1, Moj Vrt seeds. After much digging it seems this are Italian seeds, company PRO S.O.L)
Bags contain 3 gr of seeds, expiration date 2019.

Two bags, this is all that I have from them.

And my favourite one Potomac F1, L'ortolano (Italy), bag contains 3gr of seeds, ex date 2018.

Are there any words needed for this image?

 After this disappointment I bought another 2 bags of ZKI seeds, this time it was Zita F1 to fill the gaps and will probably need more seeds.

This makes me wonder, how many bags of seeds do I need to fill 20m of net? So far I'm up to 9 used bags. Few more bags and it will be cheaper to buy 10kg on the market than grow them


  1. I feel your pain. So many of the seeds I grew were not what the package said. It's maddening.

  2. Love to see the seedling, hope they produce bountiful cucumber

  3. How frustrating to go to all the trouble of trying to germinate seed only to find that the seed is poor quality, or not as described. It must be so dispiriting.I hope you are able to save some seed of your own for next season.

  4. I have the same problem every year. This spring I bought seeds of miniature white cucumbers. Not only there were only 5 seeds in the packet but also none of them germinated :((( I felt really disappointed.

    I've never grown Aladyn, but next year, I will send you my favourite Polish varieties Krak and Śremski :) They have never let me down yet, tasty, healthy and prolific :)


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