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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Name of the rose

June in Croatia is the month of the roses. As soon as the morning frosts stop and warmer days approach roses start opening their buds and greeting us with beautiful colour festival.
Every garden has at least one rose that brightens up the yard with warm colours and pleasant perfumes.

My garden is no different than the rest of them. Every June my roses started blooming. Usually the first ones to bloom are the ones that are in my front yard and in sunny part of the garden and later the ones in shady part of the garden. This year is a bit different. All my roses started blooming at same time, filling the yard with pretty colours.
Sadly I have to say that during the years I've completely lost the names of my varieties. Some of my roses are here over 20 years, others are newer but none of them have names.
I could only be guessing.
Nameless or not they still are amazing to look at.

Garden rose over 20 years old

My first rose. I got it as a gift 18 years ago. It changes colour from dark pink to pale lilac as it opens.

Youngest rose in our garden. This rose is 10 years old. 

This one I have seriously no idea how it got in my garden. I think someone left a cutting in the ground and now I have this beauty.

the biggest rose in our yard. This climbing yellow rose has been planted 15 years ago and now covers what used to be a wall for potted flowers.

Fully opened flowers are the size of an adults palm.

Right next to it there is a dark red climbing rose, which has been attacked by disease and we had to cut most of it off. This year it has only 4 flowers.

Pale peach climbing rose

And last are first few opening buds on my gate rose. This rose always comes last but blooms whole summer until the first frost hits.


  1. No doubt--those are some happy roses--they sure must like it where they are.
    I've never had luck with roses and I am saddened over that--I adore them.

    1. Really? Is it too cold for them?
      Here we have absolutely no problems with roses, you just plant it in the soil and forget about them till the pruning time.

  2. We bought several new roses last year that I am looking forward to seeing in flower.

    1. I'm sure they will look wonderful, like everything that you grow in your garden.


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