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Saturday, June 4, 2016

A little more flowers

After a very poor winter and spring June is the month when flowers here thrive. Very warm days with almost everyday rain might not be good for our vegetables, but our flowers enjoy this kind of weather.
Garden filled with different colours certainly look beautiful, but when you get closer and observe each flower individually... that's when the magic begins.

Columbines are now in full bloom

but as soon as the temperatures reach 30+°C will start making seed pods

So this is the last chance to capture new blue flowers

and some black ones

The rock soapwort is filling our pots with little pink flowers
Pink daisy with a little ant
Dame's rocket reappeared this year
A single Digitalis, one in the whole garden
Lupine...also the only one
but there is plenty of Sweet Williams

Hydrangea slowly turning pink
Grape flowers
 Even our nearby forest is bringing colour in the yard.

Black locust


  1. Just love that blue of the columbine.
    I also have JUST ONE Lupine. And it's a totally different color than the ONE I had last year.
    Mother Nature has a sense of humor!
    Love all your beautiful blooms. Have a good week

  2. Lovely flowers - all except for the aquliegia/columbines and saponaria (I didn't know it was called soapwort) are a bit ahead of ours.

  3. I love the flowers in your garden, especially the columbines. I had! lots of them but the bunnies just nibbled them off, leaving the flowers on the soil, pffft. Sweet Williams and Lupins are great to have too, so nice to pick a bunch of cottage flowers for in the house.
    Have a nice new week Leanan!

  4. I love the columbines, I will grow the blue ones from your seeds this year, now I have some more time to do it :) I hope they will flower next year.


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