2017 Harvest

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Weekly review 02.05 - 11.05.2016

Past week continued with poor April weather. Temperatures that didn't pass 15°C and with lots of rain there was no chance of working in the garden.
Luckily this changed around May 5th and things that were meant to be done in April could be done now.

As much as I wanted to do some garden work there was no way of getting in the garden. The rain from past few days left mud instead of soil so I had to wait another 24h before doing anything.

Work day!!

After getting organized I decided that the first thing done should be placing tomato and net poles. Since my net poles are hard work I decided to place them first. This year I needed 16 poles, 6 for string beans and other 10 for two nets of cucumbers (20m of net). It took me 5 hours just to dig all the holes and place the poles. Net had to wait since we had showers whole Friday afternoon.

Tomato poles

After Friday showers lower part of the garden was too damp to place the net so I used Saturday to place tomato poles. This year I've sown 200 seedlings and needed 100 poles. I left few poles in the yard since I plan to plant some of my tomatoes in big pots and other 96 were placed in the garden.

Time spent to place the poles (including the time needed to carry them to the garden): 5 hours


Finally whole 36h without rain so I could finish my net placing, as soon as I finished with net I started preparing my beds for sowing.

All the rain and cold has speed up the weed growth so now my whole garden is covered in thick carpet of grass. Couch grass is everywhere, even on beds that I have cleaned already so it's making me lose a lot of time pulling it out.  I only managed to sow 1kg of Trešnjevac beans and prepare part of my beds for other sowing.

I have no idea how I'll manage to remove the weeds from my potato bed. They are already huge and because of the cold and moist my potatoes are still small.

At least the ones on the bed are small. The one that is growing on the compost heap is huge. :D

I've noticed that not only weeds thrive in this weather, it seems my lettuce also enjoys this kind of weather...well at least one part of the lettuce.

In early April I've dug a part of my orchard where I planned to make my lettuce/cabbage bed. The constant rain and bad weather stopped me from working on this new bed so I've just transplanted some of my lettuces there. Even without borders and without properly prepared soil lettuce seems to like the new bed. Probably because it is in shade and very wet most of the day.

I've planted some lettuce on the potato bed too, they are also growing good. Well, except for the Oriental lettuce which is already flowering.

I even have some lettuces growing where it was sown last year. Of course I've left it there, if I can tolerate a bunch of weeds one or two lettuces in "wrong" place won't make any damage.


More work to be done. Monday was reserved only for sowing and planting. I decided that my string beans and cabbages/kale/kohlrabi couldn't wait anymore so it was time to transplant them.

Seaweed, Siberian kale

I've also sown beans (Berggold, Purple king, Wonder of Piedmont, Anellino di Treno and Zelenček) and beet (Cylindra and Rubin)


Morning rain - no work today


Today the weather report is "Rain in the noon and all through this week" This meant I had only couple of hours to finish all my planned sowing. I decided that the most urgent things are cucumbers and onions.
I've sown 6 bags of cucumbers ( Aladyn, Potomac, Levina 2x, Jocker and a bag of no name seeds), 0,5kg of red onions and 0,5kg of shallots.

This should be enough onions since I've already sown 1kg before.

I wanted to do some weeding but the weather was starting to get worse with every minute. This meant I couldn't clean my beds and that it was time to call it a day.

This worries me a bit because as you can see from my photos there is still a lot of grass that has to be pulled and I have no idea when the weather will allow me to go back in the garden.

Oh well, if nothing I can always declare my garden "bio weed welcome garden" and say that I don't remove weeds unless they are disturbing my plant growth :D


  1. You've been busy, despite all your rain.
    Sometimes I wish they'd make a vegetable that grew as strongly as the weeds. Now that would be an improvement!
    Good luck getting out there. We need rain here desperately

    1. Oh yeah I wish that too, grass grows even when it's freezing, raining, too warm, too cold...and vegetables you nurse, you tilt over it and then it decides it doesn't like this year's horoscope and no fruits :D
      You can have all of my rain we really don't need that much :D

  2. All looks so healthy, especially your beans and lettuces.

    1. Thanks, that's for now, soon lettuce will start blooming and beans will be full of bug holes :D


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