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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stuck inside

With the beginning of May I'm now officially behind with work at least 20 days. My garden is still a mess, cold weather and a whole week of rain/ snow is keeping me indoors so I didn't have the chance to clean my beds or to place my nets and poles.

I should have already sown beans, corn, millet, beetroot, sunflowers and kale. In 10 days I need to transplant my seedlings and sow cucumbers and I don't have anything prepared.

I'm behind on my flowers too, but they are not as big problem as my vegetables.

 Seedlings are already huge and with every day they stay indoors they are getting more and more leggy. I really should transplant them soon or I'll get green poles instead of seedlings.

Situation with flowers is the same. My climbing flowers are ready to start climbing and I have no support for them since they have not been transplanted. Even worse my greenhouse is still positioned in the place where I should plant my flowers so until I move it I can't plant anything.

I need some dry weather and soon or this year I'll be growing tomatoes in my bedroom.


  1. I'm sure a couple of good days in the garden and you'll be all caught up!
    Mother Nature doesn't care at all about a gardener's schedule---drat it!!
    Good luck

  2. We are well behind too but hoping to catch up a little this week.

  3. Is the last picture Ipomea quamoclit? I have been hunting this plant for a long time

  4. As an unabashed lover of snow...I will gladly take your snow so that you can catch up :)


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