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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

With summer comes Ipomea

It's middle of April but here it's like summer. Temperatures and warming my seedlings so much that my Ipomea is already ready for transplanting. Anyone that has read my blog before knows how much I adore Morning glory and that every year I collect more and more varieties. This year I've sown blue and mixed ones that I collected last year and added few new ones. I bought seeds of Ipomea "Scarlet" and "Milky way". I also managed to finally grow Quamoclit which has been a huge success for me because until now it has never germinated and I've sown it for the past 5 years. I've also managed to grow one Moonflower (Ipomea alba) which I've been trying to grow past 3 years.

1st column Quamoclit, 2nd Ipomea Scarlet, 3rd Milky way and the smallest one is Moonflower

I have also decided to get some tall sweet peas so I got "Blue ripple", "Mammoth", "Matucana" and "Royal mix"

The problem with this kind of warm weather is that my seedlings are getting too big to keep them inside. So I decided to transplant most of them. I plan to make my green shade curtains like every year, but my barrel bucket has a rotten bottom and I have to wait until my dad fixes it before I start planting. So my Quamoclit, Moonflower and Ipomea Scarlet will have to wait. I left everything outside( nights are warm enough) to prevent it from growing too tall and leggy.

My other seedlings and sweet pea will find a home this week. I decided to plant half of my sweet peas next to my grapevine and the rest will be used to create a green curtain if front of my porch.
I used an old potato box which I've filled with soil and manure. The box itself was not interesting to my dogs until Srećko smelled rabbit poop inside. Then there was no way of keeping him away.

My planting soon became the avoiding of small paws, tail and nose.

Why can't I eat this soil?

After fighting with Srećko and covering all the "smelly" bits with soil he finally gave up and moved away so I could finish my work. I planted half of my Ipomea and half of my sweet peas. This year as a climber I used leftover cucumber net which is thinner and white so it looks better than the yarn.
Now all I have to do is wait for my little climbers to start making a pretty green curtain to keep my house cool during the summer. And I have a feeling this will be a long long summer.

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